Two billboards outside of Burnaby Vancouver

So a group of us Supernatural fans decided we wanted to do a public farewell for the people who have brought this show to us over 15 years. So we bought a couple of billboards on the major road  that runs near the studio in Burnaby, Vancouver. Of course then production was halted just before the billboards went up! But they are there, and the wodnerful billboard company said we can leave then up at no extra cost until the show goes back to work.

The artwork has Sam, Dean and Cas in the Impala, and we added "thank you" in different langauages to reflect the global SPN fandom.


Scripts and Casting Sides

So I have an entry up on the SuperWiki now that links to a growing collection of scripts and casting sides (script excerpts used for auditions)  for Supernatural.

Most of the scripts have been shared by fans who bought them in charity auctions. The sides are from early seasons when they used to be easily available on line. Thanks esp to raloria for donating many of the Season 2 and 3 sides.

These all make fascinating reading. You get an insight into the writers intent through descriptions and stage actions, sometimes you can see where things changed from a draft to the episode as it aired. As a writer its a great chance to study scripts, and story structure.

I hope you enjoy them, and if anyone has any scripts of sides they'd be happy to share that would be awesome! 

J3 4 EVA

So on the weekend Jeffrey Dean Morgan married Hilarie Burton. The two have been together since introduced by their respective friends co-stars Jensen and Danneel. The ceremony was officiated by Jensen (!!) and JDM's current costar and BFF Norman Reedus.

To top things off Jeff, Jensen and Jared then got MATCHING FREAKING TATTOOS. They appear to be a stylised crown - with three points. The top also looks a bit like a W ! (You can see it on the picture below taken of Jared at ACL) On the post JDM said " Hilarie and I weren't the only ones joined for life. Jared, Jensen and myself will forecer have a bond that is both special and permanent."

stick fig

Bear Necessities

Title: Bear Necessities
Recipient: tyrsibs
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2600
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: Set between the events of 14.13 Lebanon and 14.14 Ouroboros. In case you’ve forgotten Jules, she’s one of the Apocalypse World hunters. Yes, I am that person that wrote a character into my fic that was named after myself.

Written for the wonderful spn_summergen challenge. Thanks to the mods for another great round, in one of our fandom's oldest challenges.

Summary: (Prompt from recipient) The teddy bear with its mouth sewn shut is now locked away somewhere in the bunker. Why was Sam so drawn to it? Where did it come from? What would it hurt if he just pulled the string?

Sam Winchester did not trust the teddy bear.

This was not unreasonable given that his experience with cursed ballet shoes, killer clowns and yes, even an eight foot tall alcoholic masturbatory teddy bear, had taught him that nothing was innocent. Normal people lost a sock in the wash, they shrugged it off. Sam assumed the washing machine was haunted. Laptop crashes? Demons probably. Unexplained smell of sulfur in his bedroom? Well, that was probably Dean. Still, being suspicious had kept him alive (most of the time) and not possessed (except for those couple of times).

The bear was in the haul he and Dean had taken from the pawn shop that was a front for a black market for mystical items. When they had got it back to the bunker, Jules had done a good job of cataloging it and ensuring anything powerful or potentially dangerous was properly stored in warded lock boxes. She had left one box of stuff for him to review, in what he thought of as “The Lesser Archive Room”, mainly because it sounded rather Potter-ish.
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Padalecki, Texas Ranger

Jared has his next project lined up - a reboot of the 90s classic action procedural series "Walker, Texas Ranger" that starred Chuck Norris. Coincidentally, in the episode "Frontierland", Sam used the alias "Walker, Texas Ranger"!

According to Deadline the series, which will be called "Walker", would  "focus on Walker as he returns from years undercover. A widower and father of two, he begins fighting crime with a new partner, who is one of the only female Rangers in history."  The show will be set, and film, in Austin.

The series is being written and executive produced by Anna Fricke, who is currently under an overall deal at CBS TV Studios, and who previously co-created the Syfy US version of the series “Being Human” with husband Jeremy Carver. Jared is also listed as an executive producer.

Both CBS and The CW are set to be interested in obtaining the rights to the show. I am sure we'll find out more at the Con in New Jersey next weekend! 

meaning of S15 poster

So there's been a lot of people analysing the S15 official poster. One of my firts thoughts was that it looked like a tarot card - the four of swords. Team free Will represents the swords, and the Impala is the knight usually shown lying down on the card. The four of swords card usually represents taking a break from the fight (or from work or whatever) They'll be peace when you are done. it seems to fit.

A lot of fans speculated that the card contians clues to the shows end. Which yeah, nah. Firstly i dont think they would entrust a graphic designer with that info! and secondly when you examine it, its pretty much like they fed a whole lot of SPN related symbols into a poster generator!

Lets take the tagline "As it is written, so it shall end". Well yes. No disputing that whether it refers to Chuck or the real world writers. But does it preclude our chacrters "writing" their own ending? I think not.

What other symbols do we have ?

Black wings - is that Castiel speciifcally, or maybe just angels in general? The rise of Mciahel maybe?
Over the wings is an eight pointed star. In Judeo-Christian tradition this is associated with "beginings resurrection and salvation."  It is set against something that looks vaguely like the Seal of Solomon or devil's trap, possibly with enochican script on it.

We have below it the Impala surrounded by fire, representing I assume, hellfire?

There are two angels with staffs (that look a little in the style maybe of Russian religious art) pointing towards what is a Stairway to Heaven. Does this indicate our chacrters ascent to heaven? Or that the show got a budget increase and can now afford the classical Zeppelin track?

Strangely at the top of the stair way is an anti-possession symbol. And there are birds (doves?) flying out from it. mmmm.

So - idk. I dont see any coherent symbology.  But hey, lets come back at the end of the season and look at it again! Love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments!

stick fig

Jared to run the Verbier Marathon in Switzerland

5th and 6th July Jared is running the Verbier Marathon in Switzerland, which appears to be up a number of mountains! Fans are tweeting encouragement with the tags #RunJaredRun #VerbierMarathon

If you download the app LiveInfo you will be able to see the route and follow him live.

There is fannish speculation that doing the marathon in Switzerland may be of significance to Jared because it was in Switzerland in May 2015, that he found himself struggling with mental health issues and headed home to Austin from the convention tour. Conquering actual mountains is appropriately symbolic.