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a queer and pleasant danger
17th-Sep-2019 07:12 pm - meaning of S15 poster
So there's been a lot of people analysing the S15 official poster. One of my firts thoughts was that it looked like a tarot card - the four of swords. Team free Will represents the swords, and the Impala is the knight usually shown lying down on the card. The four of swords card usually represents taking a break from the fight (or from work or whatever) They'll be peace when you are done. it seems to fit.

A lot of fans speculated that the card contians clues to the shows end. Which yeah, nah. Firstly i dont think they would entrust a graphic designer with that info! and secondly when you examine it, its pretty much like they fed a whole lot of SPN related symbols into a poster generator!

Lets take the tagline "As it is written, so it shall end". Well yes. No disputing that whether it refers to Chuck or the real world writers. But does it preclude our chacrters "writing" their own ending? I think not.

What other symbols do we have ?

Black wings - is that Castiel speciifcally, or maybe just angels in general? The rise of Mciahel maybe?
Over the wings is an eight pointed star. In Judeo-Christian tradition this is associated with "beginings resurrection and salvation."  It is set against something that looks vaguely like the Seal of Solomon or devil's trap, possibly with enochican script on it.

We have below it the Impala surrounded by fire, representing I assume, hellfire?

There are two angels with staffs (that look a little in the style maybe of Russian religious art) pointing towards what is a Stairway to Heaven. Does this indicate our chacrters ascent to heaven? Or that the show got a budget increase and can now afford the classical Zeppelin track?

Strangely at the top of the stair way is an anti-possession symbol. And there are birds (doves?) flying out from it. mmmm.

So - idk. I dont see any coherent symbology.  But hey, lets come back at the end of the season and look at it again! Love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments!

14th-Sep-2019 09:51 am - Supernatural Season 15
stick fig
And so the end begins! Today is Supernatural Day - 14 years since the Pilot aired. Hot Topic did a promotion with a commemorative t-shirt with all proceeds from todays sales going to Random Acts. It sold out within hours!

Here is a trailer for the final season, and you can find promotional pictures for the first episode here. Below is the the official poster for the final season.

26th-Aug-2019 10:24 am - writing is hard
Here are links to my various scribblings.

Supernatural fic - The epic (sometimes love) stories of Sam and Dean and friends.

RPF - where I make real people do rude things.

The Crack Den - from muppet porn to the mathematics of J2.

Thinky shit tl;dr meta ramblings on Supernatural
stick fig
5th and 6th July Jared is running the Verbier Marathon in Switzerland, which appears to be up a number of mountains! Fans are tweeting encouragement with the tags #RunJaredRun #VerbierMarathon

If you download the app LiveInfo you will be able to see the route and follow him live.

There is fannish speculation that doing the marathon in Switzerland may be of significance to Jared because it was in Switzerland in May 2015, that he found himself struggling with mental health issues and headed home to Austin from the convention tour. Conquering actual mountains is appropriately symbolic.
26th-Jun-2019 05:06 pm - Supernatural Wardrobe sale!
Ahead of the final season, Supernatural is having a wardrobe sale. In person only, so if you can get to Vancouver next week for a sale of 12,000 (!) items form the wardrobe department.

Last time they did this i snagged Sam's whippet t-shirt and one of Bobby's hats!!

25th-Jun-2019 04:30 pm - Season 15 Postcards

The Supernatural cast and crew head back to work next week - let's welcome them back for the final season in the traditional SPN style - with a postcard!

Only send postcards plz - no cards in envelopes (it wastes staff time to have to open them)

Address is
Supernatural Films Inc. 8085 Glenwood Drive Burnaby, B.C. V3N 5C8 Canada

Fandom started sending postcards to the set in Season 2, and sometimes we were lucky enough to get photos of them gracing the walls of the prduction offices. The one above has J2 with producer the late Cyrus Yavneh. Someone at the time captioned it as "Jensen has lunch; Jared has LUNCH !!!!"
18th-Jun-2019 10:35 am - Welcome to the End
The final Season of Supernatural will premiere on Thursday 10th October at 8pm.

Fandom - ready your feeels! 
21st-May-2019 08:48 pm - 15 years of SPN

They're here: "Ride or Die - 15 years of SPN" t-shirts and merch inc mugs, phone cases and totes! T-shirts are discounted today at $13. All funds raised got to the SuperWiki

Click here to buy
5th-May-2019 10:13 am - Route 66 - SPN newsletter

Hi - just a reminder that as a Hellatus buster, i have started an email newsletter called "Route 66". Its a fortnightly newsletter with a round up of SPN and fandom news, fanwork recs and tidbits to keep you in touch and entertained over this long final Hellatus!

You can sign up here.

31st-Mar-2019 12:50 pm - in the news...

When i started watching SUpernatural back in early 2006, the one thing that really helped me find and get involved in the fandom was the spnnewsletter. helping me find the latest news, the best fic and connect with other fans. I didnt have to worry about missing anything - i could always just check back into the newsletter.

In 2019, with our fandom spread far and wide longest and last Hellatus ahead, I have decided to start an email newsletter called Route 66. It will deliver news about Supernatural and our fandom directly to your inbox every two weeks. It will have news, recs, con highlights and links to SUpernaturalWiki content.

You can sign up for Route 66 here. You'll get an introductory newsletter when you sign up, and the first real issue will be published on 1st April. I hope you enjoy it!

23rd-Mar-2019 08:05 am - SUPERNATURAL TO END AFTER 15 SEASONS
Jared, Jensen and Misha just announced that Supernatural will end its run after its 15th Season.

Go feel all the feels! 
16th-Feb-2019 09:08 pm - Supernatural episode 300!
I had to write down my thoughts on the 300th epsidoe, and where better to post than here on LJ where it all started!

In the 300th episode we got a chance to reflect on the road so far, on the journey Sam, Dean and Castiel have taken. It managed to feel both like the resolution of a major part of this story and also a step onto a new road.
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15th-Jan-2019 07:15 pm - SPN 300
So Supernatural reaches the amazing milestone of 300 episodes on 7th February. To commemorate i have made some pins - so you can show everyone you will "Ride or Die" for Supernatural!

Please take care when ordering to:
* get that paypal address correct - its juleslwilkinson@yahoo.com.au
* use the "family and friends" option
* include how many pins you want and your mailing address
16th-Dec-2018 08:17 pm - Fathers and son
I havent written meta in forever but i was inspired by how i saw that Sma, Dena and Cas both give and get something they need in their relationship with Jack.

Castiel, Sam and Dean’s parental relationship to Jack came to an emotional climax this season in Byzantium. It was a testament to the show that in little more than a season, we have come to care so much about this nougat loving Nephilim.

Jack’s introduction to Supernatural was a move that could’ve had “Cousin Oliver” written all it. Or should I say “Adam Milligan” – since Kripke teased the introduction of a younger hot Winchester in an episode he called “Jump the Shark”!

But aside from the writing and Alex Calvert’s performance giving us a great new character, it’s also allowed a new lens to be held up to the Show’s continued exploration of “family that doesn’t end with blood” as we observe these two humans and an angel raising a half human/half angel “child”.

The people who raise us and care for us in our formative years make us the people we are.  For good and bad, they are the major influence on the people we grow to be.  Sam, Dean and Castiel all have experienced absent or wanting parental figures.

In the early seasons, the Winchester brothers’ reunion leads them both to re-examine their childhood and their relationship with their father and each other, and in fact their own sense of self.   This continues after John’s death – our relationship with our parents doesn’t cease when they die - and we see Sam and Dean continue to deal with the impact of John on their lives for many years.
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13th-Dec-2018 01:18 pm - MORE 300TH EPISODE SQUEE!

To celebrate Supernatural's 300th episode I have made some merch that you can buy here !

T-shirts in a range of colours and sizes (up to 5XL), totes, phone cases stickers mugs and more!

All proceeds from salesgo to support the Supernatural Wiki.
13th-Dec-2018 01:10 pm - 300TH EPISODE SQUEE!


So the #tumblrapocalypse has old fans like me reminiscing about past purges - LJ Strikethrough, the wiping out of GeoCities, disatrous changes to Delicious or more recently Flickr, even the trashing of the TWOP forums. All those blogs lost in time, like tears in rain.

The irony of our high tech age is that we live in a time when our records are more ephemeral than ever. You can read a book from 200 years ago, but changes to hardware mean content from 20 years ago is inaccessible. And we lose internet content every day. As a digital archivist, i know that many media sites cull content after a couple of years. Websites shut down, or get bought out. Sometimes posts are deleted when a writer leaves a site.

Supernatural of course has the SuperWiki - we are an independent, fan owned and run site for hosting material and i hope some fan projects from Tumblr will find a home with us. Sadly though we have many dead links on the Wiki - ghosts of content that’s passed from this world. Check out our front page for the latest fandom response to the events including fan efforts to archive threatened blogs

There is also AO3, the fan owned archive, which has been critical for housing fanfic but unfortunately it doesn’t host  images, video, or audio (yet!)

Past experience suggest that there will not be a mass fandom exodus from Tumblr. Fans will archive and backup bligs and create 411 sites to help locate each other on other platforms. But until there is a site that is better than Tumblr, fandom will stay put. Thats really what happened with LJ. Despite increasingly negative experiences here, only a few fans moved to the other simialr journal sites like JournalFen and later Dreamwidth. It was only the advent of Tumblr  that really saw the bulk of creative fandom move. The reality of course is that fandom has never existed only in one space - we've always been spread across forums and messageboards and social media. We will keep finding new platofrms adn then making them work for us, and find new ways of building communities.

But its a good reminder - whatever and whereever you create - to archive and backup. Find independent sites to host your blog or photos if you can. Don't delete in haste.

One day you may come back to your long abandoned LiveJournal.

29th-Oct-2016 12:02 pm - VegasCon
stick fig
Hi - looking to buy a Silver ticket to VegasCon in 2017. Can do immediate Paypal. Will consider a Gold if its slightly discounted.

29th-Sep-2016 08:12 pm - vale Kassie
I know I havent posted here for pages, but it the best place to write this. I found out today that  ethrosdemon has died. Kassie was a towering fandom figure with from Smallville fandom, and before that Buffy, Angel and SGA,back  when i was a n00b SPN fan back in 2006.  She was smart and snarky and a great writer.

Kassie was a huge influence on early Supernatural fandom. She'd been writing what was then WB RPS going back to David Boreanz/Christian Kane days and then onto Wellling/Rosenbaum, and then dragged J2 on board! As many did in those early eyars, she wrote both Gen and Wincest fics as well.

I think it was Kassie who introduced me to the term fandom husbandry - the idea that a fandom, especially a new one,  needs fans who do the building and caretaking the infratructure of fandom. She was committed to nurturing fandom culture, at the same time as having enough of the Bitter Old Fandom Queen in ehr to make her viscious funny about those annoying or dumb fans she referred to as "fan poodles". She was of course the founder of WinchesterCon aka Wincon which was an amazing acheivement and one that those of us who attended over the years will never forget.

Kassie was passionate and opinionated and funny, but also mercurial and difficult to be friends with. We hadnt been in touch for a few years. I wont forget her though, I'll remember having my first fish tacos with her on the Santa Monica pier, and arguing politics, She got be surprisingly coy about sex, and I remember her being actually shocked at one Wincon when she realised she was with a group of people who were part of a secret weecest fic group!

Supernatural fandom very much owes part of what it is today to ethrosdemon
14th-Apr-2016 01:31 pm - SuperWiki Fundraising

Dear fandom - the SuperWiki is again fundraising to cover our server and IT supprot costs. In 2014 we rasied enough money to cover us for two years and we hope to do the same again.

The Supernatural Wiki is a not-for-profit fandom project. All of the money we raise goes directly into the costs of hosting and maintaining the site. We have always been ad-free and independent – run by fans for fans.

If you can donate or promote the fundraiser that would be awesome. You will find all the details on our Indiegogo page.

Cheers Jules
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