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a queer and pleasant danger
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26th-Aug-2019 10:24 am - writing is hard
Here are links to my various scribblings.

Supernatural fic - The epic (sometimes love) stories of Sam and Dean and friends.

RPF - where I make real people do rude things.

The Crack Den - from muppet porn to the mathematics of J2.

Thinky shit tl;dr meta ramblings on Supernatural
29th-Oct-2016 12:02 pm - VegasCon
stick fig
Hi - looking to buy a Silver ticket to VegasCon in 2017. Can do immediate Paypal. Will consider a Gold if its slightly discounted.

29th-Sep-2016 08:12 pm - vale Kassie
I know I havent posted here for pages, but it the best place to write this. I found out today that  ethrosdemon has died. Kassie was a towering fandom figure with from Smallville fandom, and before that Buffy, Angel and SGA,back  when i was a n00b SPN fan back in 2006.  She was smart and snarky and a great writer.

Kassie was a huge influence on early Supernatural fandom. She'd been writing what was then WB RPS going back to David Boreanz/Christian Kane days and then onto Wellling/Rosenbaum, and then dragged J2 on board! As many did in those early eyars, she wrote both Gen and Wincest fics as well.

I think it was Kassie who introduced me to the term fandom husbandry - the idea that a fandom, especially a new one,  needs fans who do the building and caretaking the infratructure of fandom. She was committed to nurturing fandom culture, at the same time as having enough of the Bitter Old Fandom Queen in ehr to make her viscious funny about those annoying or dumb fans she referred to as "fan poodles". She was of course the founder of WinchesterCon aka Wincon which was an amazing acheivement and one that those of us who attended over the years will never forget.

Kassie was passionate and opinionated and funny, but also mercurial and difficult to be friends with. We hadnt been in touch for a few years. I wont forget her though, I'll remember having my first fish tacos with her on the Santa Monica pier, and arguing politics, She got be surprisingly coy about sex, and I remember her being actually shocked at one Wincon when she realised she was with a group of people who were part of a secret weecest fic group!

Supernatural fandom very much owes part of what it is today to ethrosdemon
14th-Apr-2016 01:31 pm - SuperWiki Fundraising

Dear fandom - the SuperWiki is again fundraising to cover our server and IT supprot costs. In 2014 we rasied enough money to cover us for two years and we hope to do the same again.

The Supernatural Wiki is a not-for-profit fandom project. All of the money we raise goes directly into the costs of hosting and maintaining the site. We have always been ad-free and independent – run by fans for fans.

If you can donate or promote the fundraiser that would be awesome. You will find all the details on our Indiegogo page.

Cheers Jules
31st-Jan-2016 11:49 am - old dogs; new tricks

Lola and graduating classmates this week in our off lesh control class! Since i got Lola as a 4 yo rescue we've done 5 training courses over the the last 3.5 years. I'm lucky to have a great training group nearby (Planet K9). They use positive reinforcement, and is focussed on practical training exercises. We do things like 'cafe manners" where dogs have to sit quietly beside us while the owners sit closely as at a cafe. Sometime we do sit/stay while we wander round to different areas and play dressups! We also do jumps and obstacles, allt o get the dogs to be obedient in different situations.

Most of all the classes are fun, We all laugh so much and you can see the dogs having fun. And they really helped me understand Lola. She was very anxious when i got her - wouldnt even take a treat from me - and very reactive to other dogs. As you can see, she can now sit calmly with other dogs around her (we are second from the right)  - and pay attention to me! Of course, its my learning curve thats the main lnmiting factor. Its amazing how often I expect her to understand English or be telepathic.

Anyway, i supose i wish more people would spend their time training and working with their dogs. Its so rewarding, and fun and having a trained dog makes life with your dog so much more enjoyable. Give it a go!
30th-Jan-2016 06:38 pm - Carver pilot picked up by CW
The beaver!

The CW has order a pilot of a show written by Jeremy Carver based on ideas from the 2000 movie Frequency. In Carver’s retake, a police detective in 2016 “discovers she is able to speak via a ham radio with her dead father, who helps her work on an unsolved murder case.”

Supernatural fans of course care most  about what this means for our show. Here are some thoughts/speculation.

*  A pilot order is only one step. The CW has ordered 6 shows to pilot; this is average for the network. Of these usually half will get a  pickup for a number of episodes/series, And some of these will still fail. Anyone remember The Messengers?

* Carver could leave Supernatural to run the new series, or simply be on board as an Executive Producer.

* If Carver left Supernatural, another showrunner would be appointed. My guess would be Andrew Dabb.

* CW President Mark Pedowitz has indicated strong support for Supernatural. I think we will get a positive announcement about Season 12 soon.

* Supernatural’s lifespan beyond S12 at this point is unknown, and probably highly influenced by J2′s desire to continue. Nothing would surprise me at this point!

31st-Dec-2015 01:04 pm - 2015 was a very fine year!
Here's a list of 47 things that happened in the Supernatural Fandom in 2015. An objective, scientific official list based entirely on my whims!

  1. #AlwaysKeepFighting

  2. J2 vid celebrating wrapping Season 10

  3. Astroglide loves Destiel

  4. Hillywood Parody Video

  5. SPN Summer Gen Fic Challenge

  6. Kripke posts the original pitch for Supernatural

  7. Tough Mudder

  8. Cockles sunset pic

  9. Baby

  10. Supernatural Art Book

  11. Jerry Wanek's sets Season 10 and 11

  12. Wayward Daughters

  13. Comedy elbows

  14. Damn you for fridging Charlie

  15. J2 drunk livestream after watching Our Little World

  16. #Vclub


  18. Misha and Jensen on a motherfucking boat

  19. Losechesters

  20. Lisa Berry Sings O Death in Season 11 promo

  21. Unicorn at Nerd HQ at Comic Con

  22. Booty shorts

  23. Pseuicides

  24. #casualfemaleviewer

  25. Brother's Keeper

  26. JDM's first Con

  27. Briana sings Stop Dragging My Heart Around

  28. Jared leaves international con tour early

  29. Supernatural Art Show

  30. Rob Benedict singing She Waits

  31. Tea candle tribute to AKF at Comic Con

  32. Jensen singing Simple Man with Louden Swain, Rob, Rich and guests.

  33. Kings of Con

  34. Fun, glamour and gore with Zabrina Matiru

  35. SPN Fan Movie

  36. Directors Cut of the Supernatural Mockumentary

  37. We have a gif for that

  38. The Executioner's Song

  39. Jared, Jensen, Misha and Kathryn group smish photo

  40. Osric as Loki

  41. Robbie Thompson writes Spiderman

  42. Just My Imagination

  43. Which Way? outtake

  44. Supernatural cast and crew wears purple for World Mental Health Day

  45. Ninth year of the Supernatural Big Bang fic/art challenge

  46. Misha and Jensen reenact a cat video with Kathryn Newton

  47. Comic Con panel hosted by Rob, Rich and Olivetti the hamster

  48. #Dad

  49. Misha gets mugged

  50. The Pack does Halloween

10th-Nov-2015 09:39 am - Encyclopedia of Weirdness

It never gets old, hearing that someone on Supernatural uses a fan made resource as their reference. NEVER!
13th-Oct-2015 01:23 pm - Women of Letters
Its been a bit of a mammoth month of podasting, so here's a link dump for the last 4 WoL podcasts and there's something for everyone!

VanCon and Dallas Con reports - Amy and I report back from our recent experiences at the Supernatural Conventions in Vancouver and Dallas.

Fan Documentaries Special. In this episode we explore two different documentaries currently being made about fandom and interview the people involved - the SPN FanMovie with Mitch Kosterman and Squee! The Fangirl documentary with Hansi Oppenheimer.

Looking back on Season 10 and forward to Season 11. We review the Season 10 DVD extra features, reflect on Season 10 and discuss Season 11 spoilers!

Out of the Darkness; Into the Fire We review the Season 111 premiere episode Out of the Darkness; Into the Fire! Amy has some insights about the "rabids" and their role that I think are spot on!

Enjoy! This week Amy is in town so we get to podcast from the same room - with cocktails!
6th-Oct-2015 08:46 pm - Covered in darkness
Title: Covered in darkness
Rating: PG13
Word Count : 1200
Author's Notes: Written for kcscribbler for the spn_summergen fic exchange
Summary: The Darkness traps the boys inside the Impala with their demons. Set at the and of the Season 10 finale.

The Darkness enveloped the Impala like a blanket; if that blanket was an immense inky black glowing cloud thingy that had existed since the Big Bang farted the Universe into existence.

Sammy? You okay?

Sam was okay – minus extensive facial soft tissue injuries from the beating Dean had just given him, the remnants of the spike of fear-driven adrenaline from thinking he was about to die, and the usually underlying morass of self-doubt, discomfort with how tall he was and an urgent need to pee.
Read more...Collapse )
Ahead of the amazing and moving fandom candlelight celebration of the Always Keep Fighting campaign at the Supernatural panel in Hall H on the Sunday, I also attended two other awesome panels on that also raised mental health in a way I don’t think has been seen before at Comic Con. As a geek living with depression, it was awesome to see these issues finally get some airtime.

First up was The India Inkblot Test: Why Comics Are Good for Mental Health, and Mental Health is Good For Comics. It had a stelalr panel including the one and only Gail Simone.

The second panel was Spotlight on Allie Brosh with Felicia Day which you can read here.
4th-Aug-2015 12:33 pm(no subject)

I have just started writing up the other panels from Comic Con. These are the smaller panels, which are much more intimate and there’s the chance for great discussion and often a chance to meet and talk to presenters as well. They often don’t get any coverage by media blogs or websites which is a pity, because they provided me with some of my Con highlights.

The Gay Agenda in Horror: Terrifying Subtext

Presented by Prism Comics and moderated by Michael Varrati

Panelists Mark Bessenger (Bite Marks), M.A. Fortin (The Final Girls), Andy Mangels (comics writer, writer of TV show novel tie ins inc Star Trek and Rosewell), Bart Mastronardi (Tales of Poe), Joshua Miller (The Final Girls), and Mark Patton (star of Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2), and Aja Romano (Daily Dot writer).

A wonderful panel that covered an amazing range of topics in an hour – well moderated, a great range of topics all covered with some depth, and everyone got to contribute. The panelists were both fans and creators in the genre which added a great dimension to the discussion. Only one woman on the panel unfortunately (although she was awesome!), but after the panel moderator Michael Varrati has said they would improve that for next year’s panel.

Topics covered include
• What first attracted them to the genre? A common theme was the identification with the outsider, and often relishing seeing the bullied or abused take revenge (eg Carrie, Jason). Plus the appreciation of camp horror.
• We are your serial killers too. A look at the cliché of the psycho gay/lesbian/trans killer, but the fact is that we ARE serial killers! Big shoutout to Jeffrey Dahmer!
• Homophobia is a thing. The challenges of being queer filmmakers/actors in horror. Mark Patton especially was instructive on that. While there was a deliberately written gay subtext in Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2, writer David Chaskin for many years denied this, “blaming” the gay actor for playing the role of Jesse “too gay”. Patton later left acting, after he was up for a gay role on a CBS show and was asked to lie about his own sexuality, something he refused to do as friends around him were dying of AIDS. It was nice to have an out HIV positive panellist – HIV is too rarely included in narratives in pop culture.
• The responsibility of queer creators to put queer characters in their texts. There was across the board agreement on this. Also on their role in mentoring younger people in the industry. More queer creators equals more diverse content!
• Queerbaiting! A cogent argument was made for why Teen Wolf was queerbaiting while Hannibal wasn’t. Basically that Teen Wolf has leveraged fan engagement through shipping (especially Stiles/Derek) outside of the show, while the characters on screen have minimal interaction. Hannibal meanwhile has developed an intense emotional connection between the two main male characters, so that references to them as a couple (or ship) both within and without of the text are more acceptable. Supernatural was listed as an offender, although I think the case there is less clear. Sherlock was also mentioned, and I think the cry of “Fuck Steven Moffat” from one panelist was eloquent enough reasoning there.
• Should there be a queer version of the Bechdel or Mako Mori test? If you don’t know, the Bechdel test (after cartoonist/writer Alison Bechdel) posits as a low feminist bar for evaluating a film or tv show that it feature at least two female characters who talk to each other about something besides a man. The Mako Mori test arose after Pacific Rim, and suggested an adjunct that allows for at least one female character who gets her own narrative arc that is not about supporting a man’s story.

Thanks to Prism Comics for organising!
25th-Jul-2015 03:19 pm - Comic Con coverage
Finally getting around to doing my Comic Con coverage! Posts to come but here's whats up so far:

Women of Letters Podcast - I talk about the Wayward Cocktail party, Hall H queue and amazing Supernatural panel with hamsters and #AKF tribute, speed dating in the Supernatural pressroom and the hilarity of the SPN Nerd HQ panel. Features clips from my press roundtable with Carver, Andrew Dabb, Jensen, Jared and Mark (sadly I missed out on Misha *sad face*)

TVChinwag - yes other TV from SDCC including the Hannibal Pannibal, Orphan Black, Outlander, and new shows Colony, Minority report and Containment.

Jared in the pressroom: After talking about how Sam and Dean were going to be united in their quest against the Darkness in Season 11, I asked Jared about that climactic dialogue between the boys at the end of Season 10. (audio clip)

Jensen in the pressoom: In which I get uber geeky and ask Jensen about how changes in camera technology have influenced filming on Supernatural in recent years. Jensen gets suitably geeky in return. (audio clip)

The press room roundtables were a great if high pressure experience! It was like speed dating, with each table of 6-8 journos/bloggers getting only 4 minutes with the talent. I was actually sitting next to Jensen and Jared at the table, which is a helluva a way to meet and speak to them for the first time!
4th-Jul-2015 08:09 pm - SDCC
ass babies
So i'm leaving on my Comic COon trip tomorrow! I've only been once before - in 2010 back int he days when lining up at 7.30 in the morning for the Supernatural panel seemed outrageous!

Big news is that Carry On Wayward Cocktails has sold out! So on Thursday night 300 of the SPNFamily will be gathered to put truth to Charlie's line "It was Comic Con - I was drunk!". It feels great to be able to throw a party for the fandom that's brought so much into my life over 10 years.

There are a billion amazing things at Comic Con and I have no idea how to choose! Basically I know it doesnt really matter what I go to, it will be awesome.

I am staying in a apt with four other wonderous fangirls and thats going to be most of my fun right there!

Having a press pass I have managed to get into a few press events. And i was lucky enough to get a ticket for Supernatural at Nerd HQ!

So there will be reports and tweets and pics and stuff. I think i'm in for one helluva ride!
3rd-Jun-2015 10:15 am - #waywardcocktails
ass babies


I am getting so excited for Comic Con! Panels and parties are being announced but nothing is more exciting than the Supernatural party that heidi8 are organising to celebrate 10 years since the Supernatural pilot aired at Comic Con. For me being able to throw an event to bring the SPNFamily together is always a huge thrill.

Carry On Wayward Cocktails is supported by Wattpad and FYeahCopyright, because fandom is nothing without fanworks! We've booked out the whole of the Analog Bar in San Diego for an incredible night.

Wattpad has a huge Supernatural fanfic section - over 36,000 fics - which you can check out here.

YAY new stories!

Special guests will be announced over the next couple of weeks and we are currently getting brilliant items for the schwag bag and awesome door prizes and raffle prizes.

Check here for more details. If you cant be there, for $10 we'll send you an exclusive postcard from ComicCon!
29th-May-2015 03:15 pm - All Hell Breaks Loose
Amy and I give a full and effusive squeeful report about All hell Breaks Loose 6 held last weekend in Melbourne and Sydney on the latest Women of Letters podcast.
26th-May-2015 01:18 pm - carry on wayward cocktails

Thrilled to announce this!!!Not only am i going to Comic Con , I'm throwing a party to celebrate 10 years since the Pilot of Supernatural aired at Comic Con.

If you're going to Comic Con or live in SoCal, you don't want to miss "Carry On Wayward Cocktails" on Thursday 9th July from 7.30pm at Analog Bar.

Bought to you by the SupernaturalWiki, with support from Wattpad and FYeahCopyright. Heaps of swag and fun to be had!

You don't need a SDCC ticket to attend. And even if you're not going to be there - for $10 I'll send you a postcard from San Diego! We also have packages for vendors of awesome fan stuff.

Tickets and more information here
25th-May-2015 09:09 pm - all hell breaks loose in my heart
I've had a fannish four days from the finale, and a fan viewing party, the Supernatural Parody and AHBL in Melbourne and Sydney.

I am totally besotted with Tim Omundson, and of course all the guys were great, but Jensen was just magnificent! I know he talked at, I think Asylum?, about how he felt more open and emotionally engaged with fandom over the last couple of years and I really felt it here. In Melbourne he said that he used to think Jared's problem was that he was so emotionally giving, but know he sees that is a gift.

Below is what he said about Jared in Sydney. You can listen to it here.

As always it was utterly joyful to be with fans, old friends and new. *happy sigh*

Read more...Collapse )
18th-May-2015 07:53 pm - Fandom self-care
The outpouring of support and love from fandom to Jared over the past few days has been wonderful. And while we are all primarily focussed on Jared getting whatever he needs, I wanted to talk about fans looking after ourselves.

Anytime we have a friend whose going through something hard, it can trigger our own feelings, particularly if you’ve been through dark times yourself. On top of feeling sad and upset about Jared, you may find other feelings or memories weighing you down too.

Take some time out. Go see Mad Max. Read some porn, binge watch Supernatural. Eat your favourite comfort food. Play with your pet. Watch stupid YouTube videos. Join the Always Keep Fighting Love meme.

When we want to support friends, there can also be a feeling of helplessness that we can’t just make things better. This is even harder with someone like Jared with whom we such a unique relationship.

There are a lot of great projects you can take part in to show your support for Jared:
An e-card
A collection of messages
A blog where you can leave stories of how Jared has helped you in your own struggle

Please leave me links to anymore and I will link them here and on the SuperWiki

It can be especially hard to explain to non-fannish friends or family why you are upset. Many can’t understand our relationship with someone like Jared and might be dismissive or trivialising of your feelings. We even do that ourselves and wonder why we are feeling so strongly about someone we don’t personally know.

Our relationship with Jared is no less real or important because it has come about via fandom, or that it looks different than other relationships, or that its one most often portrayed in society negatively. Remember Jared turned to us for support when he needed it. We feel upset because we care about him.

Turn to your fellow fans for support, look around and see that you are not alone in this either.

Take care of yourself, and each other.
5th-May-2015 02:28 pm - Superwiki Fundraising

Over the next month, I will be selling some items to raise $700 for the SuperWiki server and technical costs. This is another rare item - the Supernatural Season Companion for Season One. Its brilliant to read where the show was at 10 years ago - what Jensen and Jared thought of Dean and Sam, to read interviews with crew (many of whom are still with the show) plus great behind the scenes info on every episode.

The eBay listing is here. It's in Australian dollars, so if you are in the US its about 30% cheaper than the figure listed!

If anyone would like to donate to the SuperWiki you can paypal directly to admin@supernaturalwiki.com

Thanks to those who have donated - its really appreciated and means we can keep the Wiki running and ad-free.
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