I'm for wine and the embrace of questionable women (missyjack) wrote,
I'm for wine and the embrace of questionable women

Matinee Idol

Title: Matinee Idol
Author: missyjack
Pairings: Jensen/Jared
Rating: R
Words: 336
Summary: Jared and Jensen go to the movies.
A/N: inspired by Jared’s recent interview, where he mentioned one of his favourite things was to go to the movies with Jensen.

It had no place in the light, this thing between them. In the daylight, or under the fierce quartz halogen lamps on set, or faced with the flash of a camera held by the paparazzi or a fan, they could only be work mates or friends.

This thing between them emerged in the dark. There were brief kisses in the shadows, or the merest brush of hands as they moved in the darkened corridors between sets. A hand lingering, warmly, firmly, on a thigh in the corner of dimly light bar. And once every couple of weeks, they sat in the dark, surrounded by strangers, and touched each other, as lovers do.

They always sat in the same seats, up the back, in the middle. Thighs pressed together, fingers entwined. The soft brush of hair along the length of their forearms, close together along the armrest, and their long legs stretched out, side-by-side.

Sometimes Jensen would hook his ankle across Jared’s, and rub his calf with his foot, enjoying the response as a soft moan escaped Jared’s lips and he slumped further in his seat. Or he would draw Jared’s hand to his mouth, planting soft kisses across his palm, drawing wet tickles with the tip of his tongue, before sucking fingers that were salty sweet from popcorn and candy.

Jared would look over at Jensen, his face lit by the flickering light of the movie screen, and lean in to whisper “I love you”, his mouth brushing Jensen’s ear, before his lips would capture his lobe in a buttery kiss.

It wasn’t that they didn’t get to touch in public - to know Jared Padalecki was to give up any concept of personal space. It wasn’t that they didn’t get enough of each other in private - to know Jensen Ackles was to discover the meaning of the word stamina. But it was these stolen moments, on Saturday afternoons in the dark, up the back, in the middle, which somehow meant the most.

Tags: rps
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