November 6th, 2007


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Post it baby!

The incredibly lucky anteka has been visiting the set of Supernatural (!) and posted photos of the current wall o'postcards.

I spotted mine (made with a glue stick and a sharpie while I was in LA) in the third photo.

They were:
Clint Eastwood - caption: Even Clint's hat isn't as awesome as Bobby's
Han Solo and Chewbacca: Never seen in the same room as Jensen and Jared - coincidence?
McQueen on motorbike from The Great Escape: If Hilt's had been driving the Impala he would've made it!
Cast photo of from Heroes: Waiting for the real heroes - the Winchesters
Cast photo of "24" - 24 hours? They'd get it done in half the time if Manners and Yavneh were in charge!

Apparently the staff are keen for more to fill the entire wall, so get posting. Details are at spn_postcards in this post.

Also, there is a brief message from Sera Gamble about the writers' strike here.