January 4th, 2010

deep fried crack

crack this

hi flist -
I am looking to update the Crack fic page of recs on the Super Wiki. When the Wiki started, fic recs were included because fandom was small and there were no rec communities. Of course things changed, and so we stopped listing fics on entires for pairings or genres. However the Crack page has always been very popular, and I think it's important because often the Crack, well, slips between the cracks when it comes to recs.

So i am looking for your help in updating it. I am especially looking for fics in the following categories:
* Body Swap
* Animal Transformation
* Time travel
* De-agification
* Cross dressing
* Amnesia
* Wing!fic esp involving Castiel
* Defies description - the whacked out and crazy.

I'm also after any speciality/themed rec lists to add here