January 5th, 2010


Moar TV!

So yay its January and soon some of my fav shows will be BACK. Of course I can’t wait til Superantural returns on 21 January – but there are also other shows I am all bouncy about.

LOST. OMG. Last season. EVER. A show that is utter utter crack – the Twin Peaks of this decade. So glad I hung around to be part of this experience. Can’t wait to squee with my fellow Losties! WTFBBQPOLARBEARS??!

Chuck. A happy shiny show that is only back due to the actors and fans joining forces and eating Subway. Tru Fax. There is just so much joy in this one. And Jeffster. And now Chuck knows kung fu ;D

24. This was innovative TV when it started – stories told in realtime, using split screens to track different story lines. Now - not so much. Look, I know what will happen – Jack will threaten to torture someone with office equipment unless they tell him where the {insert weapon of mass destruction} is. There will be a traitor in the White House, a mole in CTU and Kim Bauer will get kidnapped. But it’s one helluva ride

Burn Notice Before Leverage and White Collar, there was BN and its still my fav. Great characters, pretty cinematography and tightly written snappy stories.

Friday Night Lights While it continues to have great performances and moments, I do feel this season has lost a bit of momentum. Still one of the best shows on TV though and worth watching for Connie Briton and Taylor Kitsch.

Leverage. If I could just watch the bits with the great team banter I’d be happy. The case of the week plots are very clumsily told and tend to bore me. Still, will download if I have the bandwidth.

Southland. Saved from the axe by TNT, I’ll be interested to see how it goes. Well written character-based cop show, not quite as edgy as it would like you to believe but miles better than those crime procedurals. Features major gay character. Lets see how gay he’s allowed to be.

New shows I’m keen to see: Caprica (BSG prequel) – really liked the pilot

Shows that aren’t back for AGES: Sons of Anarchy, True Blood, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Glee.

What are you keen to come back? What new shows have you heard about?

Big Bang Theory

So the whiff of Big Bang is in the air – with this wonderful promo trailer by Loki to get everyone fired up. It’sa great example of what a wonderful collaboration this challenge is - not only between writers and artists, but everyone who betas, adn cheers on their friends and of course read the fics.

I still don’t think I have the writing chops to do it, but we’lll see. In the meantime, I can DO GRAPHS!
Loki’s vid should some of the amazing stats of the challenge – over 13 million words written over the 3 years and the average story length has gone from 28,000 to 37,000.

And now for some graphs.

Figure One shows the number of stories in each category. The totals for each year are: 28 (2007), 108 (2008), 225 (2009). I included the two femmeslash stories in 2007 in the slash category – there weren’t any in subsequent years – the remainder of the stories were all Wincest. In 2009, the slash category contains 5 Dean/Castiel stories, and one Dean/OMC.

Figure Two shows the percentage of stories in the Wincest, Gen and RPF categories.

Notably, % of Gen stories has stayed pretty stable, with the big increase being in RPF fic which has gone from 42% of all fic in 2007, to 61% in 2009. In 2010, I’d expect to see a huge increase in Dean/Castiel fics, and it will be interesting to see how this alters the distribution across the categories.

The amount of creative energy involved here is incredible, and I love fandom for that. Ironically, a huge numbers of these fics, most of the RPS AU, are basically original stories, which without fandom may not get written either.

Seriously, if we ever wanted to take over the world...