January 6th, 2010


FAIL seamen

So Darwin in Australia's north is a port of call for many American ships going to and from South-East Asia.

This week a US marine captain wrote to the local paper there complaining that "the women of Darwin wore little clothing in a bid to get men's attention...Come on ladies, don't send us mixed messages. That's what you do every time you dress with less than nothing on."

Now i have no doubt the crew of the American ships and the local inhabitants often enjoy the pleasure of each others company. I'm pretty sure Darwin women don't need to do much to get the attention of a sailor who's been a sea for a couple of months other than actually breathe.

However I would also like to point out that Darwin is in the tropics - the average daily temperature (ALL YEAR ROUND) is 32 C (about 90F). At this time of year (the wet season) the humidity is about 90%. This may have something to do with the style of dress.

As to mixed messages - is fuck off clear enough for you?

Dear softcock marine - sometimes its not all about you.