January 7th, 2010

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Confirmation of Jared and Genevieve's engagement from E!Online

Confirmation with pic from Just Jared

So WHERE IS THE FIC? I want a story where Jared and Jensen spend all their time on set and at home (do they still live together irl?) poring over glossy wedding magazines, and discussing the finer points of table centerpieces and bonbonniere, and trying to outdo each other with how UNIQUE their wedding is going to be and they argue because they both want orchids in the bouquets and Jared says FINE but mine are going to be the ones the grow in the upper canopy of the Amazon rainforest and Jensen says FUCK YOU mine are coming from BORNEO where they grow in the earwax of virgin orangutans. And then Jared gets upset coz he can't find anyone to make matching pink tuxedos for Harley and Sadie. And Danneel and Geneveive are all *eyeroll* GET A LIFE YOU GUYS. And then everyone has sex.

winners are grinners!


Supernatural won a People's Choice Award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had no hopes for this year esp as it was in a category you could only vote for by text.