January 12th, 2010


ooh interesting

Jeremy Carver and wife Anna Fricke to write a US adaptation of Being Human Source.

Having watched the awesome series return of being Human last night, my first response to an American adaptation would be DNW. What makes Being Human work is the very ordinariness of the characters, and thats something American TV rarely does well.

However Carver would certainly be someone who i think could do it well.

Hope, if Superantural gets a S6, we don't lose him from our show though.

blast from the past

With people thinking about whether we'll get a season 6, i was thinking back to earlier seasons. We didn't find out about Seasons Two or Three until the May Upfronts, after the Season finale had aired. WHICH WAS HELL I TELL YOU.

The fall-out of the Writers’ Strike brought an early pick-up for the fourth season in March 2008, and that season’s large jump in ratings saw the show renewed for its fifth year in February 2009.

But back to mid-Season Two. On Jan 24 2007, Matt Roush of TV Guide published the following in January 2007 when asked about the future of Supernatural:

Your guess is as good as Kripke's. When I spoke with him, he put the show's chances at "solidly, solidly 50-50," then offered his "honest attitude," which, frankly, was the last thing I expected from anyone at press tour. "I wish we had a million to a half-million more viewers," he admitted. "I think those X-Files fans are out there. We're just struggling to get the word out that there's an X-Files-quality show on the CW. And it's hard to get the viewers who are not watching Grey's Anatomy or CSI. We're sort of the odd duck on the network, so we're trying to let people know that there's a hard, sci-fi-genre show that just happens to be on the CW."

Should the show get picked up for a third season, Kripke already has an arc story in mind to scare up those X-philes he wants so badly. "We keep talking over and over about how there's a war that's about to begin between demons and humans, and things keep feeling like they're going to escalate higher and higher," he observed. "In the season finale of Season 2, definitively, the war begins, and the boys spend much of Season 3 scrambling, with things getting worse and worse."

Fandom galvanised into action - promote_spn was formed and a campaign started to send postcards to Matt and other prominent TV reviewers. Many other strategies were formed to promote the show organised commenting on media blogs to flyers and blogsites. spn_postcards started a campaign to send Urban Legend themed postcards to CW executives. Within a month Matt recced Supernatural in his column and begged fans to stop with the postcards - "you coulda just emailed".

And here we are coming up to episode 100! spn_postcards is having a big push to send congratulatory postcards to the crew and cast. Check here for details on what to send and where as well as photos from the Production offices in Vancouver of the postcards they've received from us so far this season.