January 13th, 2010


calling all Poms...

LivingUK has a a new promo for Supernatural which apparently done 60s style!!! Only prob is its only viewable to UK residents. Anyone want to do the fandom service of ripping it?

Link to it here or if it helps I also have an embed code for it.

howdy partners!

Supernatural has again been nominated for an award by GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) for "The Real Ghostbusters" in "Outstanding Individual Episode in a series without a regular LGBT character" in their annual Media Awards.

Last year they were nominated for "Ghostfacers".


Go team!

blow job

Couple of interviews: Sam Ferris and Kurt Fuller

from the one with Kurt:

Could you give a story or example of a scene that just had you cracking up or laughing after a certain line was delivered?

Kurt: Oh my God. I can’t pick just one. Oh wait, yes I can. There was an intense scene in “Lucifer Rising” where I’m face to face with Dean telling him, as usual, “Get with the program or else!” At the same time I had broken (temporarily) Sam’s legs so he was on the floor at my feet. At home, you saw me an inch from Dean’s face glowering and threatening. What you didn’t see was Jared, off camera with a compressed air can the camera people use to blow dust off the lenses, sticking the nozzle up my pants leg and blasting me with air. True story.

♥ Oh Jared - never grow up will you ♥