January 16th, 2010

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The Secret Diary of Castiel aged 4,237¾

Title:The Secret Diary of Castiel aged 4,237¾
Author: missyjack
Pairing: Castiel/Winchesters
Rating and genre: R,Crack
Words: 1,500
Beta: Many thanks to the awesome bellatemple

Summary: This is an extract from Castiel’s Diaries. He worries on a regular basis about failing to stop the end of the world, the number of sins he is committing during his time on Earth and whether his trench coat makes his butt look big. He has become involved in two romantic relationships. The first is with the charismatic, morally corrupt but attractively short Dean Winchester. The second relationship is with the haughty Sam Winchester, whom he initially dislikes because he used to drink demon blood and is very tall.

A/N:thanks to Helen Fielding who would’ve written her books about Cass if she had’ve known him

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single angel facing the apocalypse, must be in want of a Winchester brother.

Friday January 1st
New Year’s Resolutions:

I Will:
1. Stop the Apocalypse
2. Live a more chaste, righteous and obedient life and focus my thoughts on the Glory of God
3. Learn how to program the TiVo
4. Resist the temptation to smite Scientologists, Twilight Moms and that guy at Verizon
5. Remember that "driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole, and the angel in the back seat is useless at reading maps"

I Will Not:
1. Have impure thoughts about either Winchester brother
2. Use my divine powers to help my favorite contestant win Project Runway
3. Prank call Raphael using the Enochian Summoning Ritual
4. Look at those magazines Bobby keeps behind the Aramaic texts. Again. Well, maybe just once for educational purposes.
5. Go through the Gideon’s Bible in every motel room correcting the mistakes

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As if the show wasn't gay enough...

LL Cool J on his friendship with NCIS: Los Angeles co-star Chris O’Donnell

"I really couldn’t explain it. We had never met before the show. Then we went to the gun range for weapons training, and we just clicked. You have one guy, Chris, who’s from the Midwest and this other guy, me, who’s from the inner city of New York. But we share a common sensibility. I think that me plus him equals a little more than two, you know?”