January 20th, 2010


very very human

Two reasons why you should be watching Being Human:

promo pics thanks to sharpest_rose

It's about three very ordinary people who share a house. Ordinary except Mitchell is a vampire, George is a werewolf and Annie is a ghost. The show is about their relationships with each other and those around them - Annie wanting to get over a crap relationship and connect with someone, George just wanting to have a nice girlfriend, and Mitchell trying hard not to get pulled back into the bad crowd he used to hang with. And of course, their struggle to be human in the face fo what they are.

Only 6 eps per season (we have just had ep 2 of S2) so CATCH UP NOW!

think before you click

New Sera Gamble interview - sorry it is all spoilers for the upcoming episodes.

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Also preview of first few pages of "Beginning's End" the new SPN comic, this one written by Loflin and Dabb who alos have written a number of epsiodes (most recently "I believe the children are our future"). I liked the first series, the second was just crack and not really in a good way expect for the last issue with Kripkes little J2 homage. This one looks like its got potential. Sam looks like Sam. Dean is still too butch ;D