January 21st, 2010


creatures of the night

Am at work right now nursing the after effects of a late night. The event I ran last night - readings of queer horror - was a great success. Great range of styles and subject matter from the authors and the crowd really enjoyed them. There's always some pot luck involved in organising these things, esp because good writers aren't always good readers and vice versa - but thats part of the fun. The crowd was also diverse - from straight goth couples to lesbian separatists!

There's always a great creative energy round these things. Most writers rarely get that sort of instant reader reaction - which is what makes fandom such a wonderful space. I also had some juicy discussions afterwards about zombie movies and True Blood and Carnivale and how narratives in Australia Gothic are different from Southern, or American or European gothic tales (okay I might've been stoned at that pont).

I think there's also a real appetite *g* for these sort of genre themed readings and I people last night were keen to see me do something for Melbourne Leather Pride and Fringe festivals.

Also, my own story "The Z Word" went over really well. Certainly inspired to write more fic, and get back into some performance stuff.

now - more coffee.