January 22nd, 2010


Supernatural: the fast and the furious five

Only a few hours til Supernatural returns, and I know you were planning on catching up on Season 5 but you’ve been busy taking part in awesome fannish fundraisers for Haiti, and shredding that wedding dress you’d bought and all those Mrs J Padackles place cards, and trying to sell your old tin hats on eBay and then you fell in love with a gay Victorian detective and his devoted foppish offsider and it was like Star Trek all over again – a new fandom with tons of fucking old canon and old skool fans worried about their lawn and you spent too much time singing along to Lady Gaga and then you saw Avatar and you kinda wished youw ere a big blue person with a telepathic dragon and a questionable colonialist narrative and so you planted a home tree in your back yard but its not very bog yet and it doesn’t talk to you, so you went back to polishing your Jonas Brothers Big bang.

MissyJack Condensed Supernatural. (just add holy water): Season one, Season two, Season three, Season Four.
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Here's to more awesome from our Show and this fandom.
See you on the flipside!

things that are ossum

Yes Show is back and I am so excited! In other news rain is wet. Today is my day off work, so I can sit here and shake the internets til that download falls out!!

Other awesome things: Fandom and all the wonderful work for Haiti. Misha's minions have been generous and the amazing auctions over at help_haiti have shown how amazingly creative and giving fandom is. A huge tribute to heidi8 and her work in organising and running the Con and everyone who helped. I won a fanvid by heidi8 so expect some supreme crack from us in the future.

* nursethalia's latest Sam and Castiel comic "My Tall friend, Sam" is so cute it makes kittens weep. I am so onboard team Sassy!

* #theboysareback got to #5 on trending topics!

lazy_daze has written an incredibly erotic story about Sam and Dean a going swimming. Delicious.

* Catch up with Season 5 at my fast and furious super condensed Supernatural summary

* Planning has started for the now panfandom wincon - so exciting!

* Don't forget to send a postcard to the SPN set to say congrats on their 100th episode which they'll be filming soon. Details here.

We may only have 12 episodes left of the Show - so LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!

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Popping online with my eyes closed to report a rumour published in Cinema Spy that that Supernatural's Sixth season is confirmed. Expect an official announcement soooon.

Also Kripke has donated the People's Choice Award Prize thing (a set of wine glasses given to nominees) to raise money for Haiti. Auction through SupportSupernatural.com here. Maybe he's hoping for another one to replace it next year ;D

*taps internet for DL*