January 27th, 2010


accept no imitations

So this is a video of Jared and Jensen confirming they are not on twitter. OR IS IT? I am used to seeing them pretty and in high-def. It looks a bit like a dodgy webcam vid they made in the depths of the J2 bunker (where they hide their epic love obvs).

Also someone keep Jared away form the hot wax. His eyebrows make him look like he's about to co-star in La Cage Aux folles. Jensen looks like he's had a bad burrito. I hope this isn't what Season 6 will look like.

embarrassment squick: about a 7.

The backstory to this is recently a couple of fans went/nearly went to meet up with people running fake twiiter accounts as Jared and Jensen. So Clif Kosterman, the boys bodyguard and social media expert, has taken to Twitter (@bodyguard4JandJ) to rid the twitterverse of faux Jared and Jensens.

the good old days....

As twitter is set to meltdown tomorrow with the release of the new Apple gadget I long for a world where sexy new technology came with a free pack of fags....

And also, where parents used DDT soaked wallpaper to keep their kiddies safe from flies adn mozzies.