January 28th, 2010


for your entertainment

Some recs of great fanworks:

* Behind Blue Eyes by ash48. This is an intense character study and meta on Sam's struggles through Season Four. Some amazing insights, it made me think alot about the whole destiny/free will question, it carries great emotional impact.

* The Dolphin Song by secretlytodream. Delightful, happy making J2 vid that stands out because of the brilliant editing and colouring.

* Rabbit hearted girl by ancaster A moving look back over Jo and Ellen's journey.

Finally a fic.

* It takes a soul (to hold it in) by gekizetsu. There is an intriguing concept at the heart of this very Sam centric story, and two insights in this story that really hit me. One is about how Dean's changed since Hell and the other is about the relationship between Dean and Castiel. As always gekizetsu voices for the chacretrs are spot on.


So the new Apple gadget has been released, hilariously called the iPad!!! To my external delight #iTampon has been trending on twitter all day, with no iPads to be seen. Gee Apple - maybe you should like EMPLOY SOME FUCKING WOMEN.

There are lots of jokes too about whether if yopu and your friends all get an IPad, will they all sync up? Also dubbed the maxiPad. And then there's "Steve, I'ma let you finish, but Moses had the greatest tablet announcement of all time". Oh intentes i <3 you.

Hilariously MadTv did a skit 3 years ago about the iPad.

Here's some product images:

by maichan

from Twitter:



so you know sometimes the more you have to do the more you do? I have been PRODUCING over the past few weeks. Work has been uber busy including me having to rework a 30 page consultants' report which was very satisfying. I've written 3,000 words of original zombie fic, a couple of short pieces for a cabaret thing i am doing on the weekend, started my True Blood essay for Smart Pop as well as the odd other bits of fannish stuff here and there. If only i had such enthusiasm over my housework.

So I thought i better knock over a femslash fic i have to do for a challenge. And suddenly 1,000 words later i have the start of this Danneel/Jared/Jensen kinky poly story. i have NO idea where it came from! It may not go anywhere but it's intriguing.

anyway I must get back to getting Danneel and Genevieve stoned enough to fuck.