January 31st, 2010



From a tweeter (@obotchaman)who was at the Supernatural 100th episode celebration (i think his girlfriend works for the visual fx team). He seemed quite happy at the pics being shared.
His twiptic album

Jared and Jensen on stage (suits!) click for bigger

Three banners which will stay on the sounds stage. From L=>R Celebrating 100 eps, the PCA Award, and A tribute to Kim Manners

Jensen, Danneel and the visual fx team

They are filming the 100th ep (5.18) this week. It airs on 15th April. So why not send them a congratulatory postcard? Details here on where and how to send.

The little show that could. 100 eps. Good on youse. It's been a amazing thing to be part of.

From@CatalinaWalsh (journo) -
* Season 6? - Nothing is confirmed but the production team is ready and the network is happy...
* Eric couldn't be there "personal reasons" (that makes me sad ), Genevieve was having her bridal shower.
* There will be a video from the SPN crew for the fans