February 1st, 2010

season four dudes

fans are clever yo!

I organize the “Ask the Artist’ session over at spnroundtable which is brilliant because I love reading about people’s creative processes, plus have a legitimate reason to stalk my favourite artists.

This month we have the brilliant dauntdraws, who has posted about her work here. I love her style – its strong and bold with a great combination of meotion and physicality. Plus she drew crack Pony!Dean and Horse!Sam – what’s not to love?

And some more recs:
Crack the spine, let the words fall out by paxlux Sam/Dean; PG-13; 9,000 words
Using books and reading as a motif, paxlux follows the development of the boys relationship over the years. The prose are crisp and vivid and the reading theme used effectively. Most of all it shines a light on the essence of the dynamic between the boys.

• This vidder on YT is posting 100 great Supernatural moments to celebrate the 100th ep. There are 10 in each vid and the first two are up now. Part One and Part Two. I have to admit just those opening bars of Carry On still gets my little fannish heart!

And now for something completely different – Dark Angel fic!
Down In Mexico by poisontaster
The talented poisontaster has written as few DA fics – and they’re Alec/Joshua. Talk about the pairing I never expected to love! As always her fics are not only hot but also have great character insights. She has some great meta about the pairing here.

Anything you want to rec me?