February 4th, 2010


think before you click

So LOST - OMGWTFPOLARBEARBBQ. Brain is melty. Seriously if you've ever watched LOST get caught up and jump in because this is going to be an extraordinary season. Just don't ask me what anything means.

If you are watching LOST check out LOSTpedia - second best Wiki in the universe - and you may have some chance of keeping track of everything.

Still have to catch up on Jack Bauer this week. Too much TV too little time!

"Being Human" remains fantastic. With only I think 7 eps in season, the story moves along at a cracking pace. Also - werewolves having tickle fights with vampires FTW!

TV critic and uber fangirl Maureen Ryan has a great LOST review and also Are LOST and Supernatural converging? post. Also she is auctioning some great TV related stuff for Haiti here

Supernatural spoilers:
* Ep title which is amazing and casting call.
* spoilery Misha interview - he speculates if Cass and Bobby will become lovers. Stop reading the slash Misha!
* Check out Spoielrs for upcoming episodes
100th episode party pics etc links at the Super Wiki

And just because: