February 6th, 2010

happy couple

didn't i read that in a fic?

Danneel tweeted this pic of her and Clif at the 100th episode party. Has she ever looked more gorgeous? Also bonus Padalecki shoulders in the shot.


She also mentioned in reply to a question that she had know Jared longer than Jensen - which is I am guessing because she met him when then boyfriend (hers not Jareds *g*) Riley Smith was shooting New York Minute in 2003. She said Jared is "like a brother to her" (which of course round these parts has a whole other meaning...)

When I got her autograph in Sydney last year, there ensued some very sibling like banter with Jared which made me smile.

I love it when their lives read like an RPF!

Anway between the J2 fist bump o'love, and Jensen's Jake Blues impersonation (really all he needs is a bit more chub and that coke habit back) and last night's brillig episode - this turning into a very lovely Supernatural week.
wincest bad

now with twice the incest!

So i have no idea how this season is going to play out but i really hope at some point we get Lucifer!Sam in a scene with Michael!Dean because that would be epic and emotionally intense and give great resonance to the sibling motif in the mytharc and...

okay it would just be really really smoking hot.
oh noes


Supernatural will be on hiatus after next week's episode (Episode 14 on Feb 11th) until March 25th. Then the episodes will be played without a break until the season finale on May 13th. source

Filming however will continue without a break until the end of March.

Episode 100 (5.18) will be shown as scheduled on April 15th. Which is good seeing I just booked a flight to Sydney for the House of Crazy 100th Episode Shenanigans!

In other news there's a report that contract negotiations are underway for S6 and there should be an announcement by the end of the month Source

Check the Supernatural Wiki for the episode entry for The Song Remains The Same including updated info on Michael, all the Winchesters, Cass and the other angels, as well as all the pop culture references, and links to promo pics and interviews.

And links to new material from the 100th episode party are being added as they appears.