February 10th, 2010

jensen hates you

Super - hero

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Jensen to voice Red hood in new DVD "Batman: Under the Red Hood":

Written by Judd Winick and based on his 2005 Batman comics story line, it's Batman versus another vigilante, Red Hood, who doesn't mind cleaning up Gotham by leaving dead bodies in his wake. Animated guru Bruce Timm exec produces this pretty violent look into crime on the streets, and it's directed by "Superman Doomsday" co-director Brandon Vietti, with a cavalcade of stars as voice talent. It all starts with Bruce Greenwood ("Star Trek") as Batman, then continues with "Supernatural" star Jensen Ackles as Red Hood, Neil Patrick Harris ("How I Met Your Mother") as Nightwing, John DiMaggio ("Futurama") as the Joker and Jason Isaacs (the Harry Potter films) as Ra's Al Ghul.


So who's writing the Jensen/NPH fic?
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Queering up twitter - 140 rainbow characters at a time!

Adventures in cyberspace or Hey I'm on Twitter and I eat pussy!

so the yesterday, in the wake of the great UK promotional stuff, there was some Aussie bitching going on about how Network 10 has taken SPn off here at the moment. And one girl tweeted to @SuperWiki:

"Oh Channel 10 are so gay for taking Supernatural off!"

now i am not someone to clutch my rainbow flag over the use of gay to mean lame, but i couldn't resist taking the opportunity, so i replied.

"Hey I'm gay and I love Supernatural!"

which got the response: "jesus did I say the wrong thing!"

raising consciousness one tweet at a time. I made myself smile.

I should add in my @SuperWiki role i don't talk about myself as a person much, but I have mentioned being a dyke - after this weeks ep I posted a pic of the strippers and mentioned having the same dream as Dean! (I also love dropping in Aussie slang seeing "Jared is a dag" reweeted is so fun!)

Then today Misha tweeted about being outraged that Ellen DeGeneres apparently also has a plan for World Domination. And then some wonderful person on the SPN set read his tweets and 'defaced' his trailer :

which was so awesome. i tweeted to Misha "LESBIANS ARE EVERYWHERE"

and retweeted the pic saying "In the race for world domination, Misha is getting pwned by a lesbian"

oops. I immediately started getting tweets criticising me for being "derogatory".

see i forgot. I forgot how things "sound" out of context. I forgot that most people are used to hearing the bad things, the homophobic thing and would of course assume that. I forgot these 11,000 people following @SuperWiki don't know big old dykey me. So then I tweeted:

"Just clarifying - I am an out lesbian, and was celebrating Ellen as such - no negativity here!"

Then I got people thanking me for "being brave" and coming out *headdesk*

It was an interesting experience.

eta: in not unrelated news, Danneel tweeted today that she also plays golf. See? definitely a lesbian.