February 12th, 2010


where does Cass go?

When he's not hanging round with the Winchesters - where does Castiel go?

When we first met him, I assumed he was off fighting demons, and hanging out with his garrison in some sort of heavenly mess hall. But now he's not popping into Heaven - where does he go?

In "The End" we saw when Dean gave him the brush off he on the side of the highway - just waiting. So does he just hang out on street corners? And what about when he's with the boys - what does he do while their sleeping? Go and stand in the hall by the ice machine?

I NEED TO KNOW - I worry about Cass sometimes.

ride for a cure

Assistant Director Kevin Parks of the Supernatural Crew is taking part in the "Ride to Conquer Cancer" from Vancouver to Seattle in June. He's doing this in honor of Kim Manners.

It would be great if Supernatural fans could support his efforts. He is only aiming to raise $2,500 - I reckon we can knock that over easy! You can find out more information and donate here. You can mark your donation "SPN fan" if you would like your support to be known.