February 18th, 2010


Hot chicks of SPN

Some video viewing for you:

* Sera Gamble talks about Season 6 - filmed at the 100th episode party.

I adore Sera (no secret there!) - I mean who cannot love a women who says:

I'm a chick, and I've got my inner goth girl and my inner gay guy and then I have this beer-swilling, cowboy-boot-wearing guy all the way underneath that, and he gets to come out to write Dean.

Am so hoping she's at Comic Con this year ;D

* Genevieve doesn't have a Twitter video - i've not seen any Gen footage before and she is OMG cute. Good pick Jared.

Random Wiki facts:
*Top states from the US visiting the Super Wiki are California, New York and Texas.
*In OZ, its all the capital cities...and then Mount Isa. Mount Isa is a mining town out the other side of the black stump.