February 20th, 2010


mish mish mish

Misha interview from the 100th episode party (no spoilers). He actually answers questions - and talks about his relentless harassment by a certain padasomeone.


extreme screen

So I've been catching up on my movie viewing - I don't post about movies that much but generally i go at least every couple of weeks. I have a couple of movie buddies I often go with, but am also happy going on my own, a habit I started as a teenager.

Anyway - this is what I've seen in the last couple of weeks (no spoilers):

* Shutter Island- I'd read the book by Dennis Lehane when it first came out and was intrigued to see how this psychological thriller would translate to the screen. Scorsese does a brilliant job, creating a gothic infused noir thiller. De Caprio is excellent, although as I felt with his role in "The Departed", there's something about him that prevents me feeling as empathetic with his characters as I should. Maybe its his resemblance to Chad Michael Murray. I found the final act is a bit too slowly paced but it backs a punch nonetheless.

* The Hurt Locker - I've always loved Kathryn Bigelow's work, and this film is a tension filled masterpiece on a really visceral level. However I was deeply conflicted by the thesis of the film. Ironically more than one review commented on how the film was "refreshingly free" of politics - which says a lot when it's about the American occupation of Iraq. I am also interested that I've seen no discussion of its politics - both American and racial - around fandom. Could it be fandom only watches sci-fi? Would there be more discussion of it, if the Iraqs were blue?

* Men Who Stare At Goats - With Ewan MacGregor and George Clooney starring I had to see this! Its a lovely whimsical film, disappointing some reviewers who seemed to be expecting a pointed political satire, rather than something that feels like Coen Brothers-lite. With Jeff Bridges basically playing The Dude, and Kevin Spacey along for the ride sit back and enjoy!

* Daybreakers - B-grade vampire movie that manages to find a twist on the genre that plays against the domesticated vamps of Twilight, True Blood or Vampire Diaries. Diverting, but needed more of Claudia Karvan with the crossbow.

Next up - The Wolfman I think.

So what have you seen lately that you can recommend?