February 22nd, 2010



So, prompted by a discussion on Twitter, I've created a galllery on the SuperWiki for Supernatural-inspired tattoos.

This is a work in progress, so if you'd like to take part, please send me a pic of your tatt with the name you'd like it credited to, and the date you had it done to admin@supernaturalwiki.com. The name of the tattooist would be great, as would any comments about what the work means to you.

I've already put about 25 images up, and have more to go. It's been lovely reading all the little stories from fans about how and why they had their ink done. And while tattoos are much more common these days, there is still something transgressive about them - esp for women. In a world that's always telling us how we should look, and what we can and can't do with our bodies, a tattoo is one great way of reclaiming them. It's my body and I'll draw on it if I want to!

I've already been hearing the same questions that get asked - usually by people without tattoos - I'll give you my answers -
What about if you stop loving the show, or even in a couple fo years time when its not important to you any more?
For me tattoos can be a reminder of a point in time, and how I felt then. I know in a couple of years Supernatural won't be as important to me as it is now - but my tatt will always remind me of the time when the show and the fandom made me very happy. Sure some fans may later regret getting them - but hey - that's life ;D

What about when you're old and its all wrinkly?
This makes me laugh! If the worst thing I have to worry about when I am 70 is a wrinkly tattoo i'll be happy! I have met women in their 80s with tatts - little blurred faded swallows and hearts - and when they talk about hem they are instantly transported back to the time when they were a wild girl!
Seriously, its one thing I love about tattoos - they are part of your body. They have moles or freckles on them, and stretch marks and scars. You'll love them as they change as much as you love your body.

I'm not in the space to talk about my tatts today, but will do a post soon (and yes my SPN one is up at the gallery).