February 25th, 2010

mikshas porno

Stud Muffin

Got some press stuff, via the Super Wiki, from SFX magazine which has a big Dr Who issue next month, as well as an interview with someone billed as "Supernatural Stud Misha Collins". LOL!!!

Then again this months issue which appeared to be trying to subliminally get us to associated SEX with Sam and Dean...

You probably read that Supernatural won Best Show in their awards, which is amazing coz Dr Who ALWAYS wins. Anyway, apparently not all went smoothly with the vote counting in other categories...

...we need to clarify the fact that there was a mix-up during last year's Awards. The nominations took place just after Misha had joined Supernatural, and the person on the magazine tallying the votes wasn't familiar with the show and clearly hadn't drunk enough coffee that month (or something). Thus he accidentally tallied up all of Misha Collins' votes as votes for... Mischa Barton.

So Misha didn't get anywhere in the voting for Sexiest Male because he was sidelined under "Weird Nominations". Oops.

SFX have since apologised to Misha for this embarrassing oversight. And here's his response:

"I’m sorry I’m not Mischa Barton. I’m sorry I’m not a woman, I might have done better."

Maybe he needs his own category... Sexiest Weird Male. I also think they'll need a Biggest Forehead in Sci Fi where Matt Smith, Jared and Worf can battle it out.