March 1st, 2010


Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

So the very tall Padalecki and the very lovely Genevieve have wed, and because I'm not a crazy stalker, I need fandom to fill in the details for me.

Was Jensen the wedding singer? Eschewing his normal repertoire of songs of man pain, and busting out some bridal classics like "Wind beneath my wings" or "Power of Love"? Given Jared's a Texas boy was the bridal waltz dumped in favor of some line dancing to "Achy breaky heart"? Did he slip in any of his own songs? "Where my river flows" maybe?

And god I hope Gen had DANCED with Jared before the big moment, otherwise *points to icon* shit could've been embarrassing.

And who else was there - i am hoping the reception read like the cast list for a good ol' CWRPS fic. Was Chad cracking onto the flower girl and Misha sitting crazy-eyed in the corner tweeting away? I like to imagine Danneel and Rosenbaum doing belly shots by the end of the night.

And I like to think Gen and Jared collaborated on the cake and it was a triple-tiered mud cake covered in white marzipan and gummi bears.

please to be sharing your thoughts. Or tell me any whacky wedding stories you have. The last one I went to was a lesbian committment ceremony. Very classy, with catering by Mr Spit (ie lamb on a spit), with the girls from the footy team running the bar and I think Melissa Etheridge lyrics may have been quoted in the vows.