March 2nd, 2010


art recs

This month's Ask The Artist at spnroundtable is _izu_, who is amazingly versatile with style ranging from realistic drawings to cuddly chibis. her painting of Castiel, dark face lit by flames is such magnificent.
Go and check out her post- she's also included a great animation to show how she builds up a sketch.

Another amazing piece of art is Winchester's Laundry Day by petite_madam. Of all that's amazing about this art, what gets me most is the way Sma and Dean are lloking at us, at the world, saying "yeah, fuck you, this is our life".

I am always looking to discover new artists - so please rec me some of your favs. I was also thinking of organising my delicious art tags into a rec list - aside from spnartrecs do people know of any art rec lists?