March 3rd, 2010

jo with gun


What if hunters had their own magazine? What articles would it have, what eye-catching cover would make Sam or Dean pick it up from the news-stands? Or get Castiel to send off for a subscription?

The Supernatural Wiki and sci-fi magazine SFX have teamed up for this great competition. We're asking fans to design a cover for a publication that would be a top-seller amongst those involved in saving people and hunting things.

First prize is a year's subscription to SFX magazine - sent anywhere in the world! Runners up receive a copy of the magazine.

One entry per person. Entries should be sent to and must be received by Sunday 5pm AEST on March 14th. Please mark your email "SFX competition".

The winner will be chosen by the Super Wiki Admin team and a representative of SFX.

Have fun and Let your imagination go wild!