March 5th, 2010


i do

Jared and Jensen on how they proposed. Yes i do know how that reads.

I love Jensen's story. I can just hear Danneel saying "what is WRONG with you?"

and Jared and Gen have a favourite PAINTING??? talk about high brow!

Also here is Gen looking happy:

wincest bad


So i know many on my flist love Dexter, and there is a Paley panel on about it today. Apparently Michael C Hall is doing well and has nearly finished his cancer treatment.

There was apparently a question from a fan who said he "identified with Dexter more than anyone on TV". Which you know is just a bit creepy ;D

Someone also mentioned the fact that MCH and Jen Carpenter are married, and one of the show's EP's said "a Deb-Dexter coupling wasn't out of the question"

Are you listening Kripke? ;DDDDD

Also Southland is back and was awesome!

and just because I can't stop going on about Caprica... Serge Roiz who plays the tough tattooed gay assassin on the show is on Twitter - and the background to his page is rainbows and unicorns. Seriously.

I should also mention that Alessandra Torresani - who plays 16 yo Zoe on the show - looks like this:

She describes herself as a "hot mess" and says if she had a cybernetic version of herself she'd use it to "fuck with guys."

Also, James Marsters will be in 5 episodes this season as is FNLs Scott Porter.

Oh yeah, I'm falling hard here. Am seriously considering starting an RPF comm for this show!

and because I am contractually obligated to mention Supernatural...Heres a pic of the Ghostfacers editing their web series
lesbian icon

Don't tell me what to write.

Tonight I heard the wonderful Sarah Waters speak. If you're a lesbian she needs no introduction - she's the author of "Tipping the Velvet" (pic from BBC adaption below) among other novels, all of which have had mainstream success.

Wonderfully entertaining and articulate speaker. And thank you Melbourne's lesbians for asking intelligent and pertinent questions.

Anyway one issue that came up was the fact that her latest novel "The Little Stranger" contains no queer characters. There has been much wank around this. How dare she, a successful LESBIAN novelist who's written four novels with lesbian characters betray her audience this way.

You think fandom does wank well, you ain't met lesbians.

Dictating what people should or should write is stupid. Sure talk about structural issue that may be barriers to publishing. Sure support and advocate for people who's stories are unheard to get heard.

Just don't tell people what to write. Or not write.

I am aware that there's also been some debate recently in fannish circles about whether straight women writing gay porn oppresses gay men or some shite. No i don't know what the arguments are - it seems too stupid to engage with. Writing is not a null sum.

I was also recently was on the fringe of a contretemps where I'd submitted a story to an anthology that the publisher dumped (and has since reinstated). The reason? Protests that a book about queer zombies stereotyped queers as "other" and stigmatised our bodies (a similar argument recently directed at a zombie float Sydney's GLBT Mardi Gras).

And this attitude comes from the same place I hear all the time when fans say writers shouldn't create female characters who are weak, or lesbians who are evil or gay men who are camp. Sure these might be stereotypes, but the counter to one set of narrow representations is not to replace them with another.

These are all examples of people trying to silence writers. It's censorship and it's wrong. If you don't like what someone is writing, write something else or support the work of people who write what you want.

But don't tell me what to write. Especially when it comes to evil lesbian zombies.

[this rant bought to you by 17 glasses of champagne and the number 5]