March 10th, 2010


i recommend our fandom because it rocks

Three amazing fan creations for you to enjoy:

He said, she said by dauntdraws
A comic featuring girl!Sam and Dean. I was lucky enough to see this in development, and as I said to D, she almost doesn't need the dialogue, because her art so wonderfully tells the story and captures the emotion between these siblings. She draws a wonderful girl!Sam who is recognisably Sam too - the eyes, nose and especially bitchface!

Don't turn around Sammy, don't turn around by petite_madam
Dean protecting a young Sam, while they're on a hunt with John. I love how , as in a Supernatural episode, there's two stories here. One big gory action story about fighting a horrible monster and another intimate story about two brothers. She uses Colin Ford as the basis for Sam, and captures such a complex struggle of emotions in his face. And I love Dean, wholly hot protective of Sam, but with one eye on his father.

Supernopoly by reveria
A fully realized, wonderfully crafted Supernatural version of Monopoly! All the game elements are reproduced with Supernatural 'verse equivalents. Incredible detail, hilarious sense of humour and production values that are just exquisite. I wan to be playing this right now!