March 11th, 2010


Be My Valentine?

I’ve been pondering about MBV. The episode was a big set-up for the confrontation between Sam, Dean and Cas, and Michael and Lucifer. I think we saw that Dean, Sam and Cas all struggle with something inside themselves. Dean with a metaphoric demon, Sam with a literal one, and Cas ironically with his humanity.

Two things in particular:
1) The effect of Famine on Dean. I know Famine said it was because Dean was dead inside, blah blah blah. That’s not a new idea – demons have been saying something similar to him since YED in season one. (see also Meg!Sam, Azazel again, Alastair…). Hell both Sam and Dean himself have mentioned it.
The thing is – Dean was affected. He turned down both sex and food. So I wondered if what Dean craves…is not to be hungry. You don’t need to be a regular Dr Phil watcher to know that Dean eats, drinks and fucks to fill his need to feel loved. BTW I don’t think that’s the ONLY reason Dean does those things. I think he also finds genuine please in them, but the part of him that would be affected by Famine is the pathological part.

2) The implications of the final scene. At the end, Dean pleads for help – from the universe, from God. I this a turning point, Dean asking for help? This is good and hopeful, the same way Sam being able to have some control over his addiction was also hopeful.

Dean rarely asks for help – but he does do it. Of course Dean’s previous requests for help have had a mixed response. Dean’s scene of course calls to mind the scene in Home when he breaks down and calls John. Who despite being round the corner doesn’t respond. He’s asked Castiel for help twice – the first time he came thru, the second time he betrayed him.

His history with Sam is interesting. I can’t actually remember Dean explicitly asking him for help. Sure there’s a few times when he’s told Sam he’s struggling with something, but its often framed as not as a request but as ‘life is shit and you can’t make it better’ (see CSPWDT, Wishful Thinking). Or just ‘life is shit’ (Dream a little dream, Time is on my side, Family Remains).

Still, it’s a big thing for dean to ask for help. And, as Sam had implied in The Song Remains The Same, is saying yes to Michael, or Lucifer for that matter, merely about being desperate enough? Is that what this foreshadows?