March 12th, 2010



So i am just doing some updating of the Fanfic pages on the SuperWiki and wondered if anyone could help with any additional info on the following:

* Fan fic Archives - know of any more?

* Fanfic Challenges and exchanges - anymore examples would be great including any from the past.

With both the Pairings and Fic genres entries I'm looking for any relevant fic communities or websites to link to. Also pretty pictures for the pages ;D

I'd esp like something for the Wincest page.

And if you want to hop in and write something about a pairing or genre - feel free!

You'll notice some pages have direct links to fic - that was from the early fandom days before there were rec communities or delicious links to stuff. We don't keep these updated anymore (except the Crack ones)- but they interesting if you want to read some old fic.

The other category I am looking for any additions to is the Websites, Blogs and Social Media.

If anyone who would like to write about Supernatural fandom on Facebook or MySpace it would be greatly appreciated. they are not my natural habitat.

Finally the cookies: don't forget the competition to win a year's subscription to SFX magazine.

We will also be running another couple of competitions on Twitter to give away copies of the latest Supernatural novel over the next week.