March 13th, 2010

tin hat

all the rage in vancouver

Guest star on an upcoming episode sports a nice shiny hat in this little interview where he comments on working with Jared and Jensen.

They are really great guys, a lot of fun and very professional.

They are both very funny in real life... they did have us in stitches on more than one occasion! They sort of riff off each other, it's quite interesting.

He added: "They seem to be a perfect pairing in terms of casting, and seem to do a lot together, even getting married at around the same time! It's an interesting scenario, but I guess that tends to happen if you like the person you're working with and you've been working with them for about five years basically daily and for long hours."

source - contains casting spoiler

shiny and new

New Caprica today! And then next Wednesday there's a Paley panel for the show in NYC.

Also - I am writing Caprica fic. Now it's no magnus opus, just an episode coda, but I am really enjoying writing it. I'd forgotten what its like to write characters at the beginning of a show - where there's little canon or even fanon. It's exciting, because you need to make choices about everything you have them do, rather than just knowing - the way after 5 years you just know Dean will order the cheeseburger. However, its also tempting to want to over explain all the choices too and write in all the backstory I am imagining.

I am writing Sam/Joseph, and there's the contrast of writing two brothers who have had a tough upbringing where i'ts been them against the world - but they're certainly NOT Sam and Dean. There's love and loyalty but from what we've seen so far, very different dynamics in this sibling relationship.

And of course there's the challenge of writing them fucking. Who tops, who bottoms? - if that's part of the dynamic at all. Sam is canonically gay - how does this change how I conceive their sexual history?

It's all very much fun.