March 15th, 2010

mikshas porno


I really like Twitter. I have my flist, which is basically a coffee klatch of my friends, where i can feel a bit closer to people spread around the world by hearing about what they've had for dinner. Retweets land in my stream providing random bits of entertainment.

I had a brilliant time last week during the Academy Awards. It was like watching them in a pub, with your drunk friends making witty comments. And occasionally I'd go to the bar and get to hear wonderful snark from total strangers sharing the experience. It was a four hour global Oscars party.

Of course Twitter has changed fandom in ways we can't yet see. I can interact with showrunners and writers, with TV critics and actors. Its a bit terrifying but exciting too. Fandom comes together on Twitter with fans from LJ mixing with those from messageboards, and people who just love the show.

Twitter is spontaneous and ephemeral. It's peripatetic and non-linear. Its post-modernism made manifest.It's bad and mad and quite crazy. I mean where else can a suggestion by a ficwalker over a beer (hey let's tweet "Lucifer is Coming!") lead to a religious war with P.Diddy and getting God and Lucifer banned from trending topics.

Anyway, today @jumblejim and @mishacollins entertained with tweets as they flew to Vancouver together. And then Chad Linderg hours later came on with:

So - do you like Twitter?