March 17th, 2010


A box of mirrors, a unicorn, and a pony

I'm posting here an essay I wrote last year that's been published in an online journal, about the relationship between fandom and those involved in the Show.

Since I wrote this, there's been a lot written on the topic, mainly prompted by the continued appearance of fans in the Show itself. I am interested that most of what i have read portrays fans as very passive in this relationship, as if we were quietly sitting in our lounge rooms penning some fanfic when Kripke HULK SMASHED the fourth wall and dragged us onto the show.

That may be some individual fan's experience, but it certainly doesn't reflect my view of fandoms' relationship with the Show, which has always been rumbunctious and robust and playful and which certainly did not suddenly manifest in late Season 4. And I can well imagine Kripke spluttering "and hey, anyway, YOU started it!"

Thanks Misha Collins, who's quote below provided me with a hook for the essay when i was in despair!

A box of mirrors, a unicorn, and a pony

Fan: If you could ask Castiel one question, what would it be?
Misha Collins: What question would I ask the character I play? That's like being in a box of mirrors. With a unicorn. And a pony.

It all used to be so simple. There were fans and there were The Powers That Be (TPTB), the shows' creators. TPTB created stories that we, the fans, adored, consumed, criticized, and chopped into bits and made into shiny new things for our amusement. There was a version of the fourth wall — more a one-way mirror, really — between the source text and fandom, with both sides generally happy to keep it that way. But with Supernatural that fannish fourth wall has been demolished, and we are trapped inside a box of mirrors with the show's writers and the unicorn and pony of our creative endeavors.

The Organization for Transformative Works defines "transformative works" as "creative works about characters or settings created by fans of the original work, rather than by the original creators. This delineation between fans and original creators, never rigid to start with, is blurring. What happens when the creators of original work take the fans and their creative works and incorporate them into source material that the fans in turn will further transform?

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Seriously Misha - HOW ARE YOU EVEN REAL?

Backstory: Misha was associate producer on a documentary called "Loot". You can read/see Misha talk about it here.

He later tweeted that if anyone went to see the film when it screened in New York they would "be rewarded".

Misha is true to his word. See the full report on Misha's gift of handmade (BY HIM) chocolates to a fan. (click for bigger)

thanks to strangeandcharm for the heads up. It's made my night!

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Y’all know my big fannish passion for the Supernatural Wiki. I wanted to repost here the interview the Super Wiki Admin team did for the Transformative Works and Culture journal so you could hear from two of the other wonderful people on the admin team – lea_ndra (Lea) and angstslashhope (Hope) rather than just me for a change. In case you’re new round here, in the interview I’m Jules.

I love that without even conferring, we decided to answer the interview questions the way we run the Wiki – collaboratively, showing a similar purpose, but all coming from different places.

While I hope you find this interesting, I thought the interviewer (DK) was crap. (and what is presented here is the final edited version of many emails). She seemed to come in with a very particular agenda, and point of view that meant she didn’t ask open questions. She expressed disappointment that the Wiki has a peaceful history (I don’t think she believed us!) and said she had really wanted stories of wank. Anyway, you can judge for yourself but I must say I am grateful for Lea and Hope in being intelligent and articulate when I was in danger of devolving into being snarky.

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I'd also add if anyone is after help in setting up a Wiki for another fandom or really any obsession, I'd be happy to provide any assistance I can.