March 20th, 2010

deep fried crack

..and you know what? we kind liked it.

In the UK Part One of the Season 5 DVDs comes out on April 26 with episodes 1-11. The commentary is on one of my favourite episodes ever "The End".

Lucky for me, Eric called me from the hot tub that he installed next to his Tiki bar at the WB in Burbank. This is a pic snapped from the tub of his People's Choice Award on the bar.

Anyway he was kind enough to play the episode commentary over the phone for me (so, no I don't have a copy of it). Sera Gamble was meant to be involved in it, but she was off trying to get out of jury duty by wearing her Star Trek uniform. So the commentary team is Eric, Ben and Bob. It's 42 minutes of hysterical madness between Ben and Eric with occasional bon mots from Bob. Ben and Eric basically have their own capslock community in RL. Ben even uses the word "interwebs". I love them alot.

I know many of you don't like to be spoiled, so my comments on the commentary are under the cut. They're brief because I really can't properly convey the crack of it!

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oh god. I missed it on my first listen because I was ROFLAMO but in the commentary to The End Kripke is talking about the boys relationship dynamics (coming together, moving apart etc) and actually says "its about the epic love story of Sam and Dean"*

yeah. I think we're all on the same page here !

* The phrase first coined by Sera.