March 21st, 2010


things that aren't on TV

Went to see Ngurrumilmarrmiriyu (Wrong Skin) by the company The Chooky Dancers - a group from Elcho Island Off the NT who were "discovered" 3 years ago via Your Tube.

The show was basically a Romeo and Juliet story about young guy and woman from the 'wrong' clans falling in love. The dancing ranges from Yolngu versions of Bollywod to rap and these dancers are just incredibly charismatic and the staging and design used mutlimedia stuff in a great way. Dance is not usually my fav form of performance but this was brilliant. At the Malthouse til the end of the month if you're in Melbourne.

The Melbourne Queer Film Festival is on at the moment, and there's not many films i wanted to see this year because there's a lot of romance (both comedy and drama) which isn't my genre even when its queer. But I will make an exception for a Brasilian film called "From beginning to end". Its sold out two sessions already, and looks like being the hit of the festival. It's about two brothers who develop a sexual relationship ;D Watch a trailer here. Looks amazing.