March 23rd, 2010


brain dump

• My modem/router at home has died. Bummer, but at least plenty of time to get a new one before YOU KNOW WHAT.

• I must remember after the ep to repost the video Jim Beaver made (which is spoilery) – it’s a treat!

• Went to see English comic Francesca Martinez last night who bills herself as a “wobbly” comedian (she has cerebral palsy). Good show, expect for the reality TV stuff. It’s been done to death - move on. She has also acted including on “Grange Hill” – I wanted more stories about that!

• The Leverage Con sounded a hoot, and there was live streaming on iF magazine - wish Creation Con would do that. An anecdote I read from Mark Shepherd said he raved about working on SPN and reported that when he met Danneel and asked her who her fiancé was in the show, she said "the little one". Oh she is so awesome!

• Caprica this week. OMG. FRAK. This show takes the Daddy issues on every other show and makes them look like a teddy bears picnic! Daniel Graystone is one seriously frakked up prick. There are scenes in that ep that will haunt me for a long time. Great review of it here on iO9

• So I am following Alessandro Toreson on Twitter. She basically tweets like any 21 year old girl and is quite uncensored. She was out partying in NYC on the weekend and tweeted this pic of her and her friends squishing into a cab..

• I may have drunk tweeted a bad manip of @sergegraystone with Lady Gaga. I totes didn’t expect Jane Espenson to comment on it *facepalm*

• Lovely fandom moment last week – one of the runners up in a competition I ran on @SuperWiki with SFX mag, was a group of students from an elementary school in northern China. Fandom – the new cultural revolution!

• Much fannish fun on the horizon. I will be partying in Sydney for the 100th episode of Sueprnatural, and then flying home with a mel_b_angel in tow to go to Supanova which has aforementioned Aleesandro, James Marsters, Karl Urban and Gareth David-Lloyd. Not bad for 25 bucks! Then theres the one day Supernatural Con in May, and the epicness of Comic Con in July.

• It’s funny but I still get all incredibly shy around performers, whether they are a little known comic who’s performing to 20 people, or a movie star. However its different when I meet artists when I am also performing – even if its someone I fangirl.