March 25th, 2010


saving people; hunting things


well actually it is in Australia, but I live in your future. I am so excited that Supernatural is back tomorrow. Eight more episodes of AWESOME.

To get back in the right space I rec - this fic [where the lines overlap] (gen; R) by ephemerall is a coda for "My Bloody Valentine", and with a wonderfully intense portrayal of Sam and Dean's relationship. Beautiful writing.

I just wonder - will Dean say "Yes" because he thinks that his best choice? will Sam say yes because he thinks he has no choice? Oh boys!

And I hope everyone has fun at the LA Con this weekend. Follow the tweets on Twitter via #lacon. Some fans are going to try live streaming video too - check the Super Wiki for updates and links.

And please - if you are going can somone ask Marksha about LOST? You know the questions - "WTF???"

he's awesome

great spoiler free interview with Jim Beaver at the 100th episode party.

I loved his insight into Supernatural. he said this when asked for a scene that summed up the show for him.

"When Dean comes back from Hell and shows up at Bobby's door. When that door opened and Bobby sees Dean, who's been dead and gone these many months , and the realization, the shock, the distrust, the suspicion, the gratitude, all of that all wrapped up in one big scene really captures for me what the show is about.

It's about fantastic events that aren't possible in the world that we normally inhabit and at the same time it's about deeply emotional interactions between very real characters, very real people.

Also - the Blu-ray version of Season One is going to feature the Paely panel!!!