March 28th, 2010


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Under the cut is a .gif of what you could call Sam's money shot from Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid.

Don't look at me like you don't know which shot I'm talking about - we all live in the same gutter ;D

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There's audio of the Ghostfacers and Misha's panel linked at the LA Con page on the Super Wiki.

Check out the links to the livestreaming so you can hear tomorrows J2 panels - and Marksha of course.

Some stuff:
*Ghostfacers webisodes will premiere on the same night as Supernatural 100th episode on April 15th

* Misha gatecrashed Jim's panel and the end. They snuggled.

* Misha on his approach to acting "As Jared fondles my balls.. I try to act"

* Misha was very Misha-ish ;D During her photo-op someone asked Misha if he would be in Season 6 and he said "he thinks so."

* Jim said hugging Jared was like hugging a spongy rock. Oh and apparently Jared farts a lot.

* from all Con guests - Jared and Jensen are awesome guys and best friends. Jim described their relationship as being like Sam and Dean's without the angst.

* "Young people who are incredibly talented blow my mind." - Kurt on Eric Kripke, who he also calls a genius and a really nice guy.

* From yesterday, someone asked Rob about fanfic, and he blamed Misha for telling him about the "naughty stuff on Livejournal." This is a weird case of life imitating art because there's a deleted scene (it will be on S5 DVDs) from The Real Ghostbusters where Chuck is talking to the Con audience and he says "No I don't want to read your short story on Livejournal" I just hope if they are reading our fic - they are leaving comments - its only good manners.

ETA: episodes 14 and 15 aired out of order originally planned as they decided better order given the hiatus.

ETA: Pics of Jim and Misha snuggling by caithream