March 31st, 2010


my life or something like it

* Last week my modem died. Now this week my landline has died. I suspect the bunyip that lives under the house has chewed throguh the line. I have a bees dick of a chance of it getting fixed before Easter. Do have mobile broadband on my netbook that i can buy some gigs for luckily.

* Lease on my house is up and have been offered another 12 month lease with only $5/week rent increase. Have been living on my own for 3 years and have been thinking of moving back into a share house but think will stay put for another year as I love my little house and it is in the most awesome location. Pity its too small to share with someone - unless they were sharing my bed ;D

These are our postcards up at the Supernatural set in Vancouver! More closeups here. You know this all started back in mid-Season 2 when TV Guide reported Kripke as saying he thought the show had a 50/50 chance of getting renewed. Starting here on LJ, campaigns sent postcards to the CW and TV Guide, and also as a show of support to the set. Apparently all the cards from previous seasons are saved in photo albums.

* The Wincon website is starting to look very sparkly! Check the blog post - Jenn is after people who've survived previous Wincon's to share the love. I certainly will although i will change names to protect the guilty.

* nursethalia - she of the wonderful Sassy comics as well as other wonderful art, is this month's As The Artist at spnroundtable this month. Her post has animationa dn everythign so go read and ask her shit!

* More comedy fest this weekend. Last weekend saw Fear Of A Brown Planet which was hilarious, confrontational (esp for white hipsters like me) and managed to work in race politics with nerdy jokes about Star Wars and Trek. If you're in Melbourne - go see them!

* Jus In Bello Con this weekend - a Supernatural Con in Italy - how can it not be amazing? Esp with Misha and Richard taking 20 fans on a Roman Holiday tour of Rome! Hilariously a couple of guests (Sam Smith, Charles Whitfield and Fred Lehene) had to cancel and they have replaced them with Kevin Sorbo. O.o

Would love to knoe if there are any italian speakers on my flist who could maybe help with linking Italian reports on the Wiki.