April 1st, 2010

wincon and surprise jdm

Yes – it’s April Fool’s Day – but this is no joke!!

You’d be a fool to miss this 24 hours discount offer of $90 for the 3 day pass to Wincon!

This year Wincon is going multi-fandom so there’ll be more opportunities to squee of whatever shows pwn your heart - whether it's Leverage or LOST, True Blood or Sherlock Holmes, Dr Who or Glee. Oh yeah or that little show I like called Supernatural.

If you want to know what Wincon is like – well it’s like that wonderful comment thread we’ve all been in which bounces from serious meta to cracked out .gifs and somehow ends up talking about whether Jared has webbed feet. Except it’s in real life.

The thing I love about Wincon is that whatever you’re into, whatever mood your in, there’s a space for you. Whether you're into slash stuff or gen or RPS or just staring at pretty boys and girls, you'll find a gathering of fangirls with laptops swapping pics and fics, while others might be sipping tea and arguing the finer points of spanking etiquette and someone else seeing if they can survive the Supernatural Drinking game while wearing angel wings. You can be a lurker or you can set up your own RL CAPSLOCK COMM.

Most of all Wincon is about all this *waves arms around* It's about being passionate about what we love, and thinky and creative and absolutely ridonculous.

Check out this 24 hour offer here at the very shiny Wincon site.

Come play with us.