April 3rd, 2010


Super Wiki stuff

Jus In Bello Con page on the Super Wiki already has quite a few great pics added.

Tweets with the #jibcon tags are archived here. Most reports and vids will, i think, prob be posted after people get home. Jared and Jensen are on tomorrow both individually and in a joint panel.

Misha pic by @technicolour66 - looks more like Castiel in last nights episode!

There have also been links to more pics and vids added from the LA Con

Thanks to all the editors who've been working on episode entry for Dark Side Of The Moon.


Is it gauche to post old fic? Probably, but after last night's episode I remembered a drabble I wrote on the theme of fireworks and Winchesters. I actually had to use LJ search to find it coz I posted it on a drabble comm and not here, and it informs me I wrote this 195 weeks ago, which is rather mind boggling.

anyway - for what it's worth I am reposting it.

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