April 6th, 2010

ass babies

i <3 assbabies

While we are well used to fanfic coming to life either in the Show or the lives of the stars, we haven't quite topped this:

Yes - RPS mpreg roleplaying by the stars of "Chuck" !!!!

Zachary Levi has promised to give birth to fellow "Chuck" star Joshua Gomez's child if the show's fans rally to help save "Chuck" and get the Monday night show a fourth season renewal. At WonderCon in San Francisco on Sunday, Levi gave fans a sneak peek of what his baby bump would look like, alongside a beaming proud papa Gomez.

from chucktv

I love my crazy shows.

easter thoughts

I've read a few metas about Dean as the Christ figure in the narrative esp after this week's episode.

But if memory serves me *stroke chin Iron Chef style* Jesus was tempted by Lucifer when he was in the wilderness - just like Sam was tempted when he was in the wilderness (ie without Dean!) in Free to be You and Me.

and thanks to strangeandcharm for her astute observation of the crucifix of buttons on Sam's shirt. Proof, I tell you PROOF!