April 7th, 2010

j2 touch

listen up

Big thanks to the amazing luvplatinumbaby who has made a podfic of my story "Everything's Just Wonderful"

I've never had a recording done of one of my stories before, and it was amazing to hear her interpretation of it - esp her inventiveness with the text messages.

You can download it here.
mikshas porno

i like future you

So i am messaging with someone on a dating site - and we just worked out we have the same name. Which means if I have sex with her I'll get to call out my own name.

My inner narcissist is very pleased at this thought.

I had a delightfully fannish weekend starting with the squee/group hugs after the episode, and then delighting in reading all the thinky meta on the nature of memories, theology and why John Winchester is an asshole.

I posted a great selection of codas to 5.16 here on spn_themes. I think my fav has Cas crashing on Chuck's couch while Becky bakes brownies and talks theology.

I also had great fun following all the Jus In Bello hijinks over the weekend. Twitter has really made the remote experience of Cons so awesome, not in the least due to the wonderful fans who post pics and snippets. Check the Super Wiki during the weeks as more reports and pics are added. There are also quite a few edited versions of Jensen singing available for download.

There is now NCIS:LA on my Tv which is a silly show but enjoyable because it is gayer than a parade of spandexed marching boys at Mardi Gras.