April 16th, 2010

not alone


So there are many people doing picspams and post to celebrate the 100th episode of Supernatural. There are 99 icons here by maritx with quotes from each episode. And memphis86 has a great post here with 100 things she loves about the Show.

So I thought I'd do 100 things I love about Supernatural fandom.

1. Passionate fangirls

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not alone

All in the family

Some people seemed shocked by the final scene in 99 problems and while for many this may be the most redundant meta ever written, I want to talk about how Dean is motivated by his love of his family.

We know now that it wasn’t that fateful night when Azazel killed Mary that was a single event responsible in shaping this aspect of Dean. Before John asked a four year old Dean to save his baby brothers life, Dean was already trying to keep this family together. Its illuminating I think that in Dean’s mind, it may not have only been John that he blamed for not saving Mary, but himself as well.

We know that growing up Dean continued in the role of trying to keep the family together – looking after his Dad and his brother, and trying to make peace between them. Finally of course Sam leaves – the worst night of his life by Dean’s own admittance. How he must felt he’d failed, again.

Yet he lets Sam go. He wants his family together desperately, yet at the same time he puts both John and Sam’s desires ahead of his own. Because he respects their right to choose, or because he thinks his needs don’t matter? A bit of both I suspect.

Its when he’s left without John or Sam, when they have both left him, that he finally goes to seek Sam out. The hunt for John is all a ruse – he knows John doesn’t want to be found, and if Dean wanted to find him of course he could do it on his own. The point, as he admits to Sam, is that “he doesn’t want to.” Later of course he openly admits that “I want us to be together again. I want us to be a family again”

Now I think most people get this, and Dean’s subsequent guilt over his father’s death, and his efforts to save Sam – the obvious actions to keep the Winchester family whole. But this desire for family plays out in so many other ways.

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