April 17th, 2010

sparkly balloons



Happy 100th episode everyone!! Enjoy having your heart ripped out - i know I will! I am lucky enough to be flying to Sydney for a very special 100th episode party so i hereby disclaim anything I post for the next 48 hours.

I tried to think of how to best express how I feel about Show, but I found that wordsmith Ben Edlund had summed it up perfectly at Comic Con last year:

This is a thing that started with a deceptively simple premise of a muscle car and two beautiful men... who shoot ghosts, where the fuck did that come from? They drive around and shoot ghosts, oooh classic rock! And I like this show, I like it, I love it.

ships ahoy

i know most of y'all are just getting up but i am just back to my sleazy motel room after THE BEST EVER 100TH EPISODE PARTY.

i may be ALOT drunk. The House of Crazy started with a devil's trapa nd salt line in the foyer,then through a GRAVEYARD of tombstones into the Winchester motel room complete with room divider (from Phantom Traveller) and bed with cheesy bedspread. The it was through to Harvelles Roadhouse, and the Grreen Room which had the actual art from Lucifer Rising in big gilt frames. Add 12 fangirls, bubbles, tequila and beer and some cheesebugers and OMG.

As to show? FUCKING MAGNIFICENT. already watched twice. That was how you do a 100th episode:

brilliant acting
intense direction
and FUCKING AMAZING writing on plot, mytharc and most of all character.

And its nice to know that those 'ships we have? Jeremy Carver is fucking sailing 'em.


*falls into bed*