April 19th, 2010



Today mel_b_angel and I went to Supanova in Melbourne. Supanova bills itself as a popculture exp – it’s a weird mashup of anime/manga, and scif fi fandom, along with gaming, wrestling and sundry assorted activities. I first went two years ago in Sydney, lured by the Padalecki, and last year went again in Sydney to see Karl Urban. This year was James Marsters, Karl and Gareth David Lloyd.

Today was much fun. It was at the Showgrounds in Mebourne, and the venue was better than Sydney as it split the trade stuff from the talks and autos and pics. There was also a lot less people today, so queuing was minimized. Mel got through her two pics and 3 autos in under an hour and a half!. Lots more comic artists and zinesters there. Was surprised at so much fanart on sale. Obviously people aren’t concerned about copyright or license stuff anymore. Also got to meet qthelights *waves* and a chick doing some awesome Cas cosplay. Stupidly forgot to ask if she was on LJ. Anyway she rocked.

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