April 21st, 2010



Some Wiki updates...

There's now a Ghostfacers category brining together charcter information, Sueprnatural episodes they've featured in and the web series.

The Ghostfacers Web Series page features links to You Tube uploads of the episodes, promotional material, transcripts of the episodes and a guide to the new characters.

I thought the first two episodes were awesome - can't wait for this weeks which will feature the amazing Kelly Carlson who played Kimber on Nip/Tuck.

You can also check out the episode entry for Point Of No Return including a transcript of the whole episode. There is also a great transcript of most of the letter Dean was writing, which turns out to be to Castiel, Bobby and Sam.

Thanks to all the Wiki editors who worked so hard on the Wiki this week while I was off indulging in fangirl shenanigans!