April 24th, 2010


Point Of No Return

My belated rambling review, picspam and meta on the 100th episode, which was everything a fan could want. It excelled in each element necessary for a great piece of TV: storytelling, balancing plot and characterisation, giving us pathos and humour, gore, and a couple of winks across the space where the fourth wall used to be, all enhanced by tremendous acting, directing and design.

It was an episode about faith. Not faith in a higher power, as one might expect in a show where God is a character but faith of one person in another. Faith of course, is what you have in the absence of evidence. We see now why the writers have broken down and taken apart Sam and Dean’s relationship because showing faith in each other is only going to be truly laudable in the absence of trust, or the expectations of filial duty.

Sam risks so much, doing something that takes enormous courage - and it’s not about physical strength, or bravery or having better weapons, or about being willing to sacrifice himself. It’s not even about the sort of unconditional love that says “I love you even though you’re a loser”. It’s about having faith in the quality of person he believes Dean to be, and in demonstrating this, Dean finds faith too – in Sam and himself. It’s Supernatural’s definition of heroism. I find that quite moving and quite profound.

The teaser this week started with Zach commiserating about being another hard-done-by cog in the machine with another working stiff. Kurt Fuller has really made Zachariah, the most heinous bureaucrat in creation – into an amazing character – and a shout out here to the consistently outstanding casting on Supernatural. I love the final scene – picking the glass from his drink as his drinking companion lies with his eyes burned from his head on the bar next to him. To quote Raoul – GORRREEE!!! The teaser of course is that Zach is back in the game but what gameplay has Michael set in motion?

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Danneel Harris and some hispster dude having dinner at Katsuya in Hollywood.

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trivia: after Wincon 07 I stayed just round the corner from Katsuya and treated myself dinner there to revive myself after a week of booze and burgers. it was nommy.